MyCurriculum and MyTimetable

MyTimetable is available for changes to second sub session class selections during the following periods:

·         Monday, 4 December 2017 to Friday, 15 December 2017

·         Monday, 8 January 2018 to Friday, 26 January 2018

If you make changes to your courses through MyCurriculum, please allow up to three hours for course changes to be reflected in MyTimetable. Thereafter you can click on the Pick Classes menu in MyTimetable and will be free to select your classes.


Please Note: After selecting your courses, it will take around three hours to process your course enrolments and pass this information to MyTimetable. If you do not see your classes during this period, please wait until three hours has passed before reporting a problem.


Reporting Problems

If you have any issues while making class selections in MyTimetable, please use the red ‘Report a Problem’ button available at the top right of MyTimetable. This will provide the quickest response times. If this does not resolve your problem then please contact the Service Desk.



From the 8th until the 22nd January we will be running a help desk at the following locations, opening at 10:00 and closing at 16:00.


·         Week commencing 8th January – InfoHub

·         Week commencing 15th January – MacRobert MR117

·         Week commencing 22nd January – MacRobert MR113


Last Updated: December 2017

 MyTimetable gives you greater ownership over your academic timetable by letting you:

  • Sign up to your practicals, tutorials or labs for every course you are taking. In many instances, you can choose from a selection of class times to suit your schedule.
  • Access your personalised timetable on mobile, tablet or computer
  • Subscribe to your timetable on your mobile device or import your calendar into Outlook for easy access