SCoOP is a Scottish National Evaluation project focusing on care of older people across the Scotland in both primary and secondary care settings.

SCoOP has the following overarching aims:

  • To evaluate the variation in service provision for older people who require health and social care in various settings to serve as a driver for standardisation and improvementof care across Scotland
  • To provide benchmarking tools for various care aspects of older people in Scottish NHS health and social care setting to support improvement work in services across Scotland
  • To provide a health intelligence and knowledge transfer hub for service users , health care providers and policy makers through annual evaluation cycles

This is a joint initiative set up in late 2016 by three key partners: Health Improvement Scotland, the British Geriatrics Society Scotland Council, and the University of Aberdeen as the lead Academic Institution with representatives from other Scottish Universities with Clinical Academic Departments in Geriatric Medicine.

For further information please contact:

Professor Graham Ellis
National Clinical Advisor for Ageing and Health to CMO
The Health and Social Care Directorate, The Scottish Government

Professor Phyo K Myint
Professor of Medicine of Old Age
University of Aberdeen

SCoOP Steering Group (Membership as of March 2018)


  • Professor Phyo Myint and Professor Graham Ellis


  • Dr Christine McAlpine, BGS Scotland Chair
  • Dr Jennifer Burns, BGS Scotland Immediate Past Chair
  • Ms. Penny Bond, Health Improvement Scotland (HIS)
  • Ms. Karen Goudie, Health Improvement Scotland (HIS)
  • Dr Louise Beveridge, East of Scotland Region
  • Dr Morven McElroy, West of Scotland Region
  • Dr Graeme Hoyle, North of Scotland Region
  • Dr Andrew Coull, South of Scotland Region
  • Professor Corri Black, Clinical Lead for the Grampian Data Safe Haven
  • Dr Susan Shenkin, Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Terry Quinn, Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Alison Donaldson, SCREDS Clinical Lecturer (Secretary)
  • Dr Ralph Thomas, NHS Fife
  • Dr Andrew Watt, NHS Ayrshire and Arran
  • Dr Alice Einarsson, Co-opted Member

We expect to expand membership of the SCoOP Steering Group and are currently exploring endorsement and representation from other relevant stakeholders including Royal Colleges of multidisciplinary professionals and Third Sector organisations.