Posters 2016

British Pharmacological Society Conference 13-15 Dec 2016, London

  • An updated systematic review and meta-analysis of the effect of medications with anticholinergic activity on the risk of dementia, mild cognitive impairment and cognitive decline. Nina Pieper, Carlota M Grossi, Wei-Yee Chan, Clara Haroulis, Yoon Loke , George M Savva, Chris Fox, Toby Smith, Antony Arthur, Nicholas Steel, Ian Maidment, Phyo K Myint, Louise Robinson, Fiona Matthews, Carole Brayne, Kathryn Richardson.
  • Association between Benzodiazepine Use and Dementia: Nested Case-Control Study. K Richardson, K Mattishent, YK Loke, I Maidment, N Steel, F Matthews, C Fox, A Arthur, CM Grossi, K Bennett, PK Myint, N Campbell, M Boustani, C Brayne, L Robinson, GM Savva.
  • Benzodiazepine use and risk of cognitive decline and dementia – systematic review and meta-analysis. K Mattishent, K Richardson, G Savva, C Grossi, N Steel,  C Fox, L Robinson, I Maidment, A Arthur, PK Myint, YK Loke.

UK Stroke Forum, 28-30 Nov 2016, Liverpool

  • Do older people with a history of falls and low trauma fractures have a worse mortality outcome after stroke. Emma J. Foster, Raphael S. Barlas, Adrian D. Wood, Joao H. Bettencourt-Silva, Allan B. Clark, Anthony Kneale Metcalf, Kristian M. Bowles, John F. Potter, Phyo K. Myint.
  • Comparing and Validating Long-term Stroke Prognosis Scales. S Singh, TJ Quinn, KR Lees, PM Bath, PK Myint.

British Geriatrics Society Autumn Scientific Conference, 23-25 Nov 2016, Glasgow

  • Do older surgical patients who undergo emergency operation have higher mortality and longer length of hospitalisation compared to those managed conservatively? [Also presented at the RCPE Research Symposium on 19 Oct 2016, Edinburgh]. HS Tay, AD Wood, J Hewitt, L Pearce, SJ Moug, K McCarthy, MJ Stechman, PK Myint.
  • Futility does not influence DNAR decisions made by clinicians. K Honney, AC Kidd, L Bowker, A Clark, PK Myint, R Holland.
  • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment for the prevention of delirium post hip-fracture: A systematic review and meta-analysis. [Also presented as platform presentation at the EUGMS , 5-7 October 2016] L Shields, V Henderson, R Caslake.

Scottish Society of Physicians 58th Annual Meeting. 28-29 Oct 2016, Glasgow.

  • Prevalence of frailty and its association with the composite outcome of mortality at 90- day and readmission at 30-day in older surgical patients. HS Tay, AD Wood, J Hewitt, L Pearce, SJ Moug, K McCarthy, MJ Stechman, PK Myint.
  • The effectiveness of non-pharmacological therapies in stroke in older people: A systematic review and meta-analysis. EF Gemmell, S Subbarayan, PK Myint, AJ Cruz-Jentoft, A Cherubini, I Abraha, D O’Mahony, RL Soiza on behalf of the SENATOR consortium.

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Research Symposium, 19 Oct 2016, Edinburgh

  • Effect of non-meat, high protein supplementation on quality of life and clinical outcomes for older people living in care homes: systematic review and meta-analysis. Alison I C Donaldson, Toby O Smith, Sarah Alder, Alexandra M Johnstone, Baukje De Roos, Lorna S Aucott,  Adam L Gordon, Phyo K Myint.

European Union Geriatric Medicine Conference, 5-7 Oct 2016, Lisbon

  • Do Older Surgical Patients Who Undergo Emergency Operation Have Higher Mortality And Readmission Compared To Those Managed Conservatively? HS Tay, AD Wood, J Hewitt, L Pearce, SJ Moug, K McCarthy, MJ Stechman, PK Myint.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society Conference. 4-5 Sept 2016. Birmingham.

  • Development of a core outcome set (COS) for studies relating to prescribing in care homes: The Care Homes Independent Pharmacist Prescriber Study (CHIPPS). CHIPPS Investigators.

32nd International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology. 25-28 Aug, 2016, Dublin, Ireland

  • Medications with potent anticholinergic activity and incident dementia diagnosis in the UK older population. Kathryn Richardson, Chris Fox, Ian Maidment, Nick Steel, Yoon Loke, Antony Arthur, Carlota M Grossi, Kathleen Bennett, Phyo K Myint, Noll Campbell, Carol Brayne, Fiona E Matthews, Malaz Boustani, Louise Robinson, George M Savva.

British Society of Gerontology Conference, University of Stirling, 6-8 July 2016, Stirling        

  • Envisioning pharmacists in care homes for older people:  inter-disciplinary research to develop a new role. Kathleen Lane, Dave Alldred, Annie Blyth, Christine Bond, James Desborough, Richard Holland, Carmel Hughes, Vivienne Maskrey, Kate Massey, Phyo Myint, David Wright, Fiona Poland.

British Society of Cardiology Conference, 6-8 June 2016, Manchester

  • The prevalence, predictors and outcomes associated with anaemia among patients that present with ACS: insights from the UK MINAP registry. CS Kwok, MA Mamas, E Kontopentelis, AA Fryer, I Buchan, MO Bachmann, MJS Zaman, PK Myint.

British Geriatrics Society Spring Scientific Conference 11-13 May 2016, Liverpool

  • Prevalence of frailty and its association with the composite outcome of mortality at 90- day and readmission at 30-day in older surgical patients. [Also presented at NHS Research Scotland Ageing Specialty Conference. 11th March 2016, Glasgow]. HS Tay, B Carter, J Hewitt, L Pearce, SJ Moug, K McCarthy, MJ Stechman, PK Myint. 
  • Prevalence and Determinants of Frailty and Associated Co-morbidities among Older People in Nepal. [Also presented at Royal College of Nursing International Nursing Research Conference and Exhibition 6-8 April 2016, Edinburgh]. Sirjana Devkota, Bruce Anderson, Roy L Soiza, Phyo K Myint.
  • Does impairment of dynamic cerebral autoregulation explain the symptoms associated with classical orthostatic hypotension? ACL Ong, PK Myint, JF Potter.
  • Low vitality predicts mortality in the EPIC-Norfolk population based study. N Basu, X Yang, RN Luben, D Whibley, GJ Macfarlane, NJ Wareham, KT Khaw, PK Myint.

International Stroke Conference, Feb, LA, 2016

  • Prior Antithrombotic Use is Associated with Favorable Mortality and Functional Outcomes in Acute Ischemic Stroke: Evidence from the AHA/ASA Get With The Guidelines-Stroke Database. Eric E. Smith, Phyo K. Myint, Anne S. Hellkamp, Gregg C. Fonarow, Matthew J Reeves,  Lee H. Schwamm, Phillip J. Schulte, Ying Xian, Robert E. Suter, Deepak L. Bhatt, Jeffrey L. Saver, Eric D. Peterson.

Oral Presentations 2016

British Society of Haemostasis and Thrombosis 12 Nov 2016, Leeds

  • Platelet-derived microparticles as biomarkers of brain microvascular ageing and dementia. Federico Zerbinato, Isobel Ford, Chris McNeil, Alison Murray, Attila Bebes, Raif Yuecel, Phyo Kyaw Myint.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society Conference 4-5 Sept 2016. Birmingham.

  • Development of a training plan for pharmacists to assume responsibility for medicines management in care homes: Results from a rapid review of the literature. Wright et al. CHIPPS Investigators.

Fragility Fracture Network Conference 1-3 Sept 2016, Rome, Italy

  • Should tranexamic acid be used in hip fracture surgery? A systematic review and meta-analysis. Luke Farrow, Toby Smith, George Ashcroft, Phyo Myint.

Society of Academic Primary Care 6-8 July, Dublin

  • Can Significant Event Audit identify key factors that might reduce emergency admissions? R Fleetcroft, A Hardcastle, N Steel, A Lipp, P Myint, J Price, S Purdy, J Smith, H May, R Shekhar, J Zaman, A Howe.
  • Which types of emergency medical admissions may be preventable? Analyses of 132 randomly selected cases. R Fleetcroft, A Hardcastle, S Purdy, A Lipp, G Price, N Steel, P Myint, A Howe.
  • GP views on the potential role for pharmacist independent prescribers within care homes: Care Homes Independent Pharmacist Prescribing Study (CHIPPS). [Also presented as oral presentations at the Social Pharmacy Conference 19-22 Jul 2016, Aberdeen & Health Service Research Pharmacy Practice Conference 7-8 April 2016, Reading]. C. Bond, K. Lane, F. Poland, V. Maskrey, A. Blyth, J. Desborough, G. Barton, D.P. Alldred, C. Hughes, A. Arthur, P. Myint, K. Massey, l. Shepstone, R. Holland, D. Wright

British Geriatrics Society Spring Scientific Conference 11-13 May 2016, Liverpool (Invited Research Showcase)

  • Performance of NURSE score in the Oldest Old. PK Myint
  • Improving SOAR Stroke Score. Sarah Alder
  • A tale of Anticholinergic Burden: HS Tay, C Bostock, PK Myint
  • SENATOR Phase I. S Subbarayan
  • Weight loss in Parkinsonism: Evidence from the Parkinsonism Incidence in North East Scotland (PINE) Study. K Cumming.
  • Aberdeen Birth Cohort 1936: BP indices and MRI brain pathologies of dementia. PK Myint
  • Hyponatraemia. K Cumming