Getting to know...

Getting to know...

We have around 80 staff in a wide range of roles who work in multi-disciplinary teams to deliver high-impact health research: qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods researchers, statisticians, programmers, systematic reviewers, clinical trial managers and data coordinators as well as a number of administrative support and clinical academic staff.  Find out about our unit members and what they enjoy most about working at HSRU.
Lynda Constable

Lynda tells us about how she juggles all the balls all of the time and deals with the unexpected in her job role as a Deputy Senior Trial Manager.

Shaun Treweek

Shaun tells us about his role as Professor of Health Services, the joy he gets from firing up his chainsaw and how a squirrel could one day make his life complete!

Jennie Riley

Jennie Riley tells us about her role as Research Fellow, her background in religion and theology and how she came to be crocheting tiny female icons

Taylor Coffey

PhD Student Taylor tells us about his move from his native Chicago to Aberdeen and that you will often find him wandering around used bookstores and record shops

Anne Buckle

Anne Buckle tells us about her role as Unit Business Manager, her creative and musical pursuits and her rescue cats Biscuits and Tawny

Thenmalar Vadiveloo

Thenmalar tells us about her knowledge and interest in medical statistics and health care research and how meditation helps her to start the day calmly

Paul Manson

Paul Manson tells us about his role as Information Specialist and his passion for reading

Bev Smith

Bev Smith tells us about her role as Receptionist/Clerical Assistant and how she blows away the cobwebs walking along the beach

Louise Locock

Louise Locock tells us about her role as Professor of Health Services Research and her interest in staff experiences of providing care