Thenmalar Vadiveloo

Thenmalar Vadiveloo
Tell us about your role at HSRU

I have been working as a statistician for more than a decade. I was employed at HSRU in 2019. My primary interest and work are in the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of randomised controlled trials. 

Tell us a bit about your background and what you do now

I am an Indian origin born in Malaysia arrived in University of Glasgow to complete my masters and PhD in Medical Genetics under scholarship. During this period, I have developed an in-depth knowledge and interest in medical statistics and health care research.  I got my first job as Research Fellow in Statistics at University of Dundee.  

My role in HSRU primarily involves contributing towards study designs, developing Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP), analysis of trial data and presenting trial results.  

How do you usually start your day?

I usually start my day with meditation. It helps me to start my day calmly which then influences how I react to challenges throughout my day. Then I make myself a hot cup of masala chai!

What is your favourite thing about your job?

The favourite thing about my job is that I get to meet lots of people from different backgrounds. Apart from that, HSRU is a great place to work!

How do you relax outside of work?

I love hiking, trail walking and travelling. Apart from that I like reading self-development books. 

What was the last thing you tweeted about/What was the last book you read?

The last thing I liked on Social Media was a HSRU Tweet - The link to a paper which was published by the MASTER trial team. Currently I am reading ‘Think Like A Monk’ by Jay Shetty.  

Thenmalar's answers were provided in February 2021