About CHaRT

About CHaRT

CHaRT was established in 2004 and received full registration status from the UKCRC in November 2007. CHaRT is directed by Professor Graeme MacLennan, and comprises of over 35 members of staff.

CHaRT's goal is to collaborate in high quality Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs), providing access to the core competencies of experienced trialists, trial management, data processing and management, statistics, health economics and health psychology. Through scientific and technical partnership, CHaRT will address important health questions in the increasingly challenging scientific, legal and regulatory environment in which RCTs will be conducted.



Specific aims of CHaRT are to:

  • consolidate and expand Aberdeen’s reputation for large, multicentre, pan-UK, long-term RCTs;
  • collaborate with others in Scotland, the UK and beyond to conduct national and international RCTs;
  • collaborate with other trialists in Scotland and elsewhere to develop the infrastructure to support RCTs;
  • develop RCT methodology;
  • develop collaborative links with commercial trial sponsors, as appropriate.