Planning a trial?

Planning a trial?

The CHaRT team have the knowledge and expertise to advise on a wide range of research-related issues, including all aspects of research design and methodology.  We have a wide range of other contacts in academic and clinical disciplines to facilitate any necessary additional input where required.  We can also advise on issues such as patient and public involvement, identifying resources and dissemination plans.

The initial point of contact for investigators preparing applications for national peer reviewed funding should be the CHaRT Research Managers.  The first step is to submit a brief description of your proposal.  You may wish to use CHaRT's guidance for Outline Proposals when preparing this.  This information will be reviewed against CHaRT's Rules for Engagement and considered by the CHaRT Advisory Group. If further investigation of the proposal is recommended then a meeting will be arranged to discuss the scientific basis of the proposal and the potential trial design with the CHaRT Director. 

Arrangements for CHaRT's engagement will vary for each trial depending on the collaboration sought. The preferred model of working with investigators is a full engagement model, in which CHaRT is involved in all stages of your clinical trial, from design and application for funding, through conduct and management, to analysis and reporting.  However, in certain circumstances, investigators and study sponsors may require assistance with only a subset of these activities, which needs to be agreed with CHaRT.  

The specific activities that we can assist with include:

All approaches for help and advice must be made in a timely manner, preferably a minimum of eight weeks before the grant deadline. Due to the challenging nature of designing competitive trials and the very high demand on CHaRT's services anything submitted without this lead in time may need to be delayed to a later call for bids to ensure that a high quality, competitive bid is submitted. 

The CHaRT Charter provide details of what you can expect from our engagement.  Please follow the link to our Charter.

If you require further information relating to planning a new trial, please contact the Research Managers:

Kirsty McCormack; tel: 01224 438175 or Ruth Thomas; tel: 01224 438172