Data Sharing

Data Sharing

The application process:

CHaRT is committed to sharing clinical trial de-identified data for additional, ethical research with justified scientific objectives.

CHaRT has a controlled access approach whereby researchers make a formal application for data sharing 

For all data sharing requests, please contact to request a copy of the Data Request form.

The trial team, or the CHaRT data sharing committee (as appropriate), will then review the application.

For any other sharing queries, please contact:

Guidelines for data sharing

Strong scientific rationale: There must be a strong scientific argument or other legitimate rationale for the data to be used for the requested purpose.

No data can be released if it compromises an ongoing trial:  Investigators who have invested time and effort into developing a trial should have a period of exclusivity before key trial data are made available to other researchers.

Complying with Information Governance and Data Protection:  All data exchange must comply with Information Governance and Data Protection Policies in all countries relevant to the disclosure.

Please refer to the Data Sharing Policy for full details of CHaRT’s data sharing process. 

If you wish to have an initial discussion about accessing data, please E-mail: