Acceptance of funding award

Please notify Research & Innovation (R&I) when your study has been funded. R&I will arrange acceptance of the award, as well as any necessary research agreements.

What agreements will be required for my study?

Contractual requirements are study-specific;  the following agreements may be required in a clinical research study:

  • Funding Agreement;
  • Collaboration Agreement;
  • Third Party Supply Agreement;
  • Sub-contracts e.g. laboratory services;
  • Data Processing Agreement or Data Sharing Agreement.

In addition, for medicinal product/device trials and other interventional studies:

  • Co-sponsorship Agreement;
  • Drug Supply Agreement;
  • Technical Agreement;
  • Site Agreements.

For CTIMPs and Medical Device Clinical Investigations please refer to the current Generation of Contracts SOP

Involvement of third party service providers & suppliers in clinical studies

Statutory procurement processes must be followed; requirements will vary based on the value of goods or services and R&I can help ensure required procurement rules are followed.

The University - NHSG Grampian Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) may undertake a third assessment ahead of signing an agreement with a supplier.  Please refer to the current SOP for the Selection and Management of Third Parties and contact the UoA-NHSG QAM as soon as a third party suppliers have been identified.

Diagram illustrating order of stages in planning research: 1: Study design; 2: Facilities; 3: Scientific Peer Review; 4: Secure Funding; 5: Prepare study documentation; 6: Sponsorship; 7: Protocol; 8: Contracts; 9: Registration on public database; 10: Finalise study documents; 11: Statutory approvals; 12: Ethics review; 13: Initiation of study