Managing your Research

Managing your Research

Running clinical studies is a complex process and it is important, for the purposes of all stakeholders (Sponsor, patients, funder, staff etc) to be able to ensure it is:

  • Run safely
  • Fully recruited
  • Completed on time and within budget
  • Analysed correctly
  • Closed out
  • Published

 Using the tabs provided, you will be able to identify key points in the active phase of research.

Remember: Any changes to your approved study MUST be approved by your Sponsor first.

Diagram illustrating order of stages of managing research: 1: From planning research map; 2: Study does not commence; OR 2: Consent and recruitment; 3: Management and monitoring; 4: Progress and safety reporting; 5: Amendments; 6: Inspection and audit; 7: End of study; 8: Analyse data; 9: Final reports; 10: Diseemination of results; 11: Archiving