Facilities Available

Facilities Available

The following list covers some of the support available in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre (ABIC)

Provides state of the art imaging facilities and expertise.

Centre for Health Care and Randomised Trials (CHaRT)

A registered clinical trials unit comprising experienced trialists, trial management, data management and statistical staff. CHaRT engages with investigators at the study design stage to ensure adequate CTU support and appropriate funding for each trial.

Centre for Genome-Enabled Biology and Medicine

Provides next generation sequencing (NGS) capacity and other genome enabling technologies for translational and clinical research.

Clinical Research Facilities (CRFs)

There are a number of CRFs located within the Royal Cornhill hospital and Foresterhill sites (Health Sciences Building, oncology, diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular, haematology, opthalmology, paediatrics) which are overseen by the CRF manager.

Grampian Data Safe Haven (DaSH)

Provides secure access to population data for linkage studies.

Health Economics Research Unit

Supports research in to the effectiveness and delivery of health services.

Health Services Research Unit

Supports research in to the best ways to provide health care.

Medical Statistics

Provide methodological support and statistical consultancy on a range of study designs (inc., case-control, cohort, observational, RCTs).

NHS Grampian Bio-repository

An accredited tissue bank providing access to a range of high quality tumour & control specimens and associated data.

NHS Grampian Clinical Trials Pharmacy

The Clinical Trials Pharmacist can contribute to the study design and protocol development. Pharmacy should be contacted as early as possible during the design of your study.

Research Data Management

Provide support for database design, web applications, random population surveys, case-control designs. Can also assist in data- cleaning and transfer to a more manageable format.

UoA IT Services

Provide a range of research support including high performance computation facilities, specialist software, data networking and storage.

Diagram illustrating order of stages in planning research: 1: Study design; 2: Facilities; 3: Scientific Peer Review; 4: Secure Funding; 5: Prepare study documentation; 6: Sponsorship; 7: Protocol; 8: Contracts; 9: Registration on public database; 10: Finalise study documents; 11: Statutory approvals; 12: Ethics review; 13: Initiation of study