BG Brasil Fellowship – Sedimentary Systems

BG Brasil Fellowship – Sedimentary Systems

The University of Aberdeen has established an agreement with BG Brasil and the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul’s Institute of Geosciences (UFRGS/PPGGEO) to offer fellowships to Brazilian citizens for dual PhD degree and post-doctoral opportunities. Positions are available in the Sedimentary Systems area, including the disciplines of Geochemistry, Marine Geology, Paleontology and Stratigraphy.

The initiative is part of the BG Brasil Fellowship Programme, which is a partnership between BG Brasil and the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). CNPq offers the standard Science without Borders funding and BG Brasil tops up the amount with additional resources, seeking to ensure adherence to the disciplines relevant to the oil and gas industry.


Areas of Study

The Programme, in partnership with the UFRGS Institute of Geosciences, has vacancies at PhD and post-doctoral level in themes related to sedimentary systems or sedimentary basins. Each project will be supervised jointly by a member of the academic staff from each university. Project topics will be advertised from time to time on this site. Alternatively the candidate may propose a topic, and develop a proposal in discussion with academic staff from the two universities.


“I am PhD student in Geology at University of Aberdeen (UK), as part of the BG Fellowship initiative, and I have been living an extraordinary experience for almost two years. This programme aims to expand students’ knowledge in Geology by making us experts in the area, as well as to promote an exchange of culture and life experiences within an international community at the University, including conferences, committees and field work. Consequently, our communications skills are also improved and we are able to develop second or third languages that are part of a growth process, helping us to work as a team.”