Current PG students
Mohammad Alattar   Active Travel Behaviours and Interactions with the Built Environment Using Urban Configuration and Soundscape   Dr C Cottrill & Dr M Beecroft
David Ania Ayiine-Etigo   Exploring Technological Innovation Systems: Case Studies on Renewable Energy development and Tourism Innovation in Ghana   Dr T Potts & Dr P Niewiadomski
Carol Barbone   Marine Protected Areas and Brexit:  Navigating Complexity and Securing Reforms for Sustainable Marine Systems    Dr T Potts & Dr K Prager

Sebastian Barothy


The impact of low-cost carriers on economic development in Central and Eastern Europe


Dr P Niewiadomski & Dr M Beecroft

Camilo Torres Barragan   Developing a better understanding of active travel behaviours and interactions with the built environment   Dr C Cottrill & Dr M Beecroft
Jorge Eslava Bautista   After sales in the automotive industry and the environmental challenge: Effects on
wholesalers & dealers
  Dr C Cottrill & Dr M Beecroft
Joel Blackburn   Understanding stream-aquifer interactions and their influence on flow regimes and fluvial processes in a newly restored ephemeral stream   Dr JC Comte, Prof C Gibbins (Nottingham) & Prof D Pokrajac (Engineering)




David Flood Chavez   Green economy transitions in tourism in the Margaret River region (WA, Australia)   Dr P Niewiadomski & Dr T Jones (Curtin University)

Nathan Darroch


London's underground railways and land use


Dr M Beecroft & Prof J Nelson




Jessica Fennell  

Evaluating nature based strategies in rural landscapes for managing low flows and stream temperatures


Dr J Geris, Dr M Wilkinson (James Hutton Institute), Professor C Soulsby * and Dr R Daalmans (Chivas Brothers)

Alexios Kaselouris  

Active travel and physical activity behaviours: developing a better understanding through research evidence and technological applications

  Dr C Cottrill & Dr M Beecroft
Yogendra Kumar   Experimental and field Investigation of fluid flow in fractured rock using self-potential measurements   Dr JC Comte, Dr J Vinogradov & Dr D Healy
Eva Loerke   UAV thermal remote sensing for assessing river temperature   Dr J Geris & Dr P Miller (James Hutton Institute)



Naseer Mahfood

  Sustainable Transport   Prof J Nelson (Engineering) & Dr M Beecroft
Nicola Claire Malam   Small Island Tourism and Green Economy Transitions   Dr P Niewiadomski & Dr T Potts
Jesus Mezquita   Hydrogeophysical approaches for characterising fluid flow and storage in weathered/fractured reservoirs   Dr JC Comte, Dr D Healy (Geology), Dr U Ofterdinger (Univ Belfast) & Dr A Legchenko (IRD/ Univ Grenoble)
David Nance  

GIS and Geospatial Analysis of Archaeological Data

  Dr DR Green & Dr T Mighall

Aaron James Neill


Linking small-scale hydrological flow paths, connectivity and microbiological transport to protect remote private water supplies


Prof D Tetzlaff, Prof N Strachan (Physics, Aberdeen) & Dr R Hough (James Hutton Institute)

Giles Richard O'Donovan


Re-thinking food security and food governance


Dr D Watts, Prof D Roberts (James Hutton Institute and Aberdeen)

Rachel Passig Oien  

Climate at the onset of the Antarctic ice-sheet growth: a detailed analysis of ice-buried glacial cirques


Dr M Spagnolo, Dr l Barr (Machester Metropolitan), Dr R Bingham (University of Edinburgh) & Dr B Rea



Katya Dimitrova Petrova


Integrating novel water storage and flow sensing techniques to improve hydrological models/predictions


Dr J Geris, Dr M Wilkinson (James Hutton Institute), Prof C Soulsby, & Dr A Lilly (James Hutton Institute)




Bably Sinojkumar

  Small island tourism and green economy transitions  

Dr P Niewiadomski & Dr T Potts

Andrew Smith  

Mapping, monitoring and modelling coastal habitats with UAVs

  Dr D Green, Dr D Mauquoy & Prof P Smith (SBS, Aberdeen)
Marja Smith-Van Den Houten   Environmental Stewardship and the changing face of Citizen Science   Dr T Potts, Dr D Green & Dr M Bitzios




Ross Young


Impact of urban agriculture on community resilience and food security


Dr D Watts, Dr A Johnstone (Rowett Institute) & Dr R Wade (Abertay University)

Recently Completed PG Students
  Research Topic Supervisors
Christina Noble (PhD, 2018) "Invisible" return migration and belonging in Ireland

Dr L Philip, Prof J Farrington & Dr S Shubin (Univ Swansea)

Megan Palmer-Abbs (PhD, 2018) Impacts of Next Generation Broadband (NGB) on Small/Medium size  Enterprises (SME's) in the North of Scotland Dr L Philip, J Seaton (BT), H Lacohee (BT), Prof D Roberts (James Hutton Institute and Aberdeen), Prof J Farrington
Baptiste Marteau (PhD) Hydromorphological and ecological response of a freshwater pearl mussel  river to the reconnection of a tributary in north western England (Lake District National Park) Dr C Gibbins, Dr R Batalla (University of Lleida) & Dr D Vericat (University of Lleida)
Maria Blumstock (PhD, 2016) Connectivity and storage in upland catchments Prof D Tetzlaff, Prof C Soulsby & Prof G Nützmann (IGB Berlin)
Claire Tunaley (PhD, 2016) High frequency processes in upland catchments Prof D Tetzlaff & Prof C Soulsby

Gillian Dowds (PhD, 2016)

Portals to the outside world: a study of personal and social interaction in older adults living with chronic pain in rural areas

Dr L Philip, Prof J Farrington, Dr J Masthoff (Computing Science, Aberdeen), Dr M Currie (UHI)

Alison Pridmore (PhD, 2016)

Can a sustainability framework for the transport sector be developed and applied in policy making?

Prof J Anable & Dr A Miola (European Commission)

Milan Markovic (PhD, 2016)

Linked open data and the crowd

Prof P Edwards (Computing Science, Aberdeen), Prof J Nelson & Dr J Pan (Computing Science, Aberdeen)

Fiona Ashmore

(PhD, 2015)

Impact of inclusion of high-speed broadband and associated digital services on rural community resilience

Dr L Philip, Prof J Farrington, Prof P Edwards (Computing Science) & Dr S Skerratt (Scottish Agricultural College)

Konstantinos Papangelis

(PhD, 2015)

Designing a tailored, multi-modal passenger information system for  sustainable transport behaviour


Dr Y Sripada (Computing Science), Prof J Nelson & Prof P Edwards (Computing Science)

Diana McNamara

(PhD, 2015)

Matters in mind: exploring environmental attitudes and behaviour Prof J Anable & Dr L Miles (Psychology)

David Ashmore

(PhD, 2014)

Water flow beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet Dr R Bingham & Dr R Hindmarsh (British Antarctic Survey)

Chinotu George

(PhD, 2014)

Plan geometries of recent deltaic sand bodies in the Niger delta Prof D Macdonald (Geology, Aberdeen) & Dr M Spagnolo

Jonathan Dick

(PhD, 2014)

Heterogeneity in hydrology and biogeochemistry of riparian zones

Prof D Tetzlaff & Prof C Soulsby

Robert Craig

(PhD, 2014)

Accessibility and the Capabilities Approach: Towards an Aid to Decision Taking

Prof J Nelson, Prof C Wallace (Sociology, Aberdeen) & Prof T Norman (Computing Science, Aberdeen)

Ilse Kamerling

(PhD, 2014)

Palynological investigations of Norse-indigenous interactions in northern Sweden

Prof K Edwards & Dr E Schofield

James Lea
(PhD, 2014)

Modelling Greenlandic tidewater glacier fluctuations over millenial timescales

Dr D Mair, Dr B Rea, Dr E Schofield & Prof P Nienow (Univ Edinburgh)

John Goodlad
(PhD, 2014)

The Shetland smacks: a historical geography of the Shetland cod fishery

Dr L Philip & Dr J Coull

Emma Quinlan
(PhD, 2014)

Assessing the morphological adjustment and ecological response of the River Ehen to the re-alignment of Ben Gill, West Cumbria

 Dr C Gibbins & Prof C Soulsby

Anke Kuttner
(PhD, 2014)

Terrestrial responses to oceanic climate forcing on the western seaboard of the North Atlantic Dr D Mauquoy, Dr T Mighall & D E Krupp (Chemistry, Aberdeen)
Craig Morton
(PhD, 2013)
Accelerating the demand for low carbon vehicles: a demand-led perspective Dr J Anable & Prof J Nelson

Dereje Wakjira
(PhD, 2013)

The evolving interaction between environment and human settlers in Bale, Ethiopia: historical land management institutions and traditional ecological knowledge Dr M Pinard (Plant & Soil Science, Aberdeen), Dr L Philip & Dr A. Fisher (James Hutton Institute)
Cristina Buendía Forés 
(PhD, 2013)
Interaction between fluvial geomorphology and freshwater ecosystems Dr C Gibbins, Dr R Batalla (Univ Lleida) & Dr D Vericat (Forest Tech Centre of Catalonia)
Richard Morris
(PhD, 2013)
Refreezing and runoff at the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet Dr D Mair & Prof P Nienow (Univ Edinburgh)
Paul Ledger
(PhD, 2013)
Norse landnám and its impact on the vegetation of Vatnahverfi, Eastern Settlement, Greenland Prof K Edwards & Dr E Schofield
Scott McGrane
(PhD, 2013)
Effects of climate change on hydrological functioning of upland catchments Prof D Tetzlaff, Prof C Soulsby & Dr R Essery (Univ Edinburgh)
Diana Feliciano
(PhD, 2012)
The Carbon Footprint and sustainable land use change Prof C Hunter, Prof P Smith (Biological Sciences, Aberdeen) & Dr R Slee (James Hutton Institute)
Laura MacRitchie
(PhD, 2012)
Campylobacteriosis: elucidating the disease burden, risk perception and costs to rural communities and their families Prof C Hunter, Dr N Strachan (Physics, Aberdeen) & Dr J Roberts (London Sch Hygiene Trop Med)

Angela Curl
(PhD, 2012)

Comparing the lived experience to objective measures of accessibility

Dr J Anable & Prof J Nelson

Rene Capell
(PhD, 2012)
Sustaining river flow under climate change – influence of landscape evolution on groundwater resources

Prof D Tetzlaff, Prof C Soulsby & Prof A Hartley (Geology, Aberdeen)

Caroline Clason
(PhD, 2012)
Quantitative controls on the routing of supraglacial meltwater to the bed of glaciers and ice sheets Dr D Mair & Prof P Nienow (Univ Edinburgh)
Emily Lambert
(PhD, 2012) 
Climate change and marine wildlife tourism Prof C Hunter & Prof G Pierce (Biological Sciences, Aberdeen)
Taotao Deng
(PhD, 2011)
Transit-oriented development: challenges and potential to build a sustainable urban transportation in Beijing, P.R. China Prof J Nelson, Prof W Neill & Dr S Bagaeen (Univ Brighton)
Sharon Flanigan (nee Phillip)
(PhD, 2011) 
A conceptual framework of sustainable agri-tourism in Scotland Prof C Hunter & Dr K Blackstock (James Hutton Institute)
Christian Imholt
(PhD, 2011)
Impacts of climate change on river ecosystems and opportunities for local migration Dr C Gibbins & Prof C Soulsby
Heather Smith
(PhD, 2011) 
Water Framework Directive and land use planning Ms G Wall & Dr K Blackstock (James Hutton Institute)
Mark Speed
(PhD, 2011) 
A two year survey of the isotope hydrology and geochemistry of the River Dee Prof C Soulsby, Prof D Tetzlaff & Dr I Malcolm (Fisheries Research Services)
Stephen Addy
(PhD, 2010)
River basins in mountain settings Prof C Soulsby & Prof A Hartley (Geology, Aberdeen)
Christian Birkel
(PhD, 2010) 
Enhancing methodologies for capturing hydrological data in a changing environment Prof D Tetzlaff, Prof C Soulsby & Dr S Dunn (James Hutton Institute)
Caro Anne Cooke
(MSc, 2010)
The influence of hyporheic dynamics in embryo survival in an agricultural stream Prof C Soulsby & Dr I Malcolm (Fisheries Research Services)
Susan Heard
(MSc, 2010)
Perceptions, attitudes and responses to volcanic hazards with special reference to Mount Tunguruhua, Ecuador Dr T Mighall & Dr A Gemmell
Kate Pangbourne
(PhD, 2010) 
The transition to regional delivery of transport investment in Scotland Dr L Philip & Dr D Mackinnon (Univ Glasgow)
Thanawat Phonphitakchai (PhD, 2010)  Transport services and modal choice: a Structural Equation Modelling approach Prof J Nelson
Louise Reid
(PhD, 2010)
Environmental attitudes and behavioural change: a role for household environmental impact diaries Prof C Hunter
Fiona Williams
(PhD, 2010)
The future of farming? Factors influencing the decisions of the next generation Prof J Farrington
Christina Bell
(PhD, 2009)
Spatial and temporal variations in the snowpack of a High Arctic ice cap Dr D Mair & Prof P Nienow (Univ Edinburgh)
Margaret Currie
(PhD, 2009)
An evaluation of supported bus and community transport services in rural Scotland Prof J Farrington
Jane Grant
(PhD, 2009)
The significance of groundwater-surface water interactions on hyporheic physio-chemistry and stream ecology in two Scottish mountain rivers Dr C Gibbins & Prof C Soulsby
Helen Edmond
(PhD, 2009)
The small hotel sector in rural Scotland and local development Dr D Mackinnon
Gillian McCrum
(PhD, 2009)
Sustainable tourism Prof C Hunter
Marsaili MacLeod
(PhD, 2009)
Gaelic language and economic development in the Highlands and Islands Dr L Philip & Dr A Stockdale (Queens Univ Belfast)
 Clare Waterhouse
(PhD, 2009)
Early Holocene environmental change and human impact on the Isle of Skye and Inner Sound, Scotland Prof K Edwards
Iain Wright
(MSc, 2009)
Defining and representing gradients meaningfully for vulnerable road users D Green & M Wood


Dr Y Sripada (Computing Science, Aberdeen),

Prof J Nelson & Prof P Edwards (Computing Science, Aberdeen)