Professor Chris Soulsby Professor Chris Soulsby
Professor of Hydrology
Director of the Northern Rivers Institute
Professor Doerthe Tetzlaff Professor Doerthe Tetzlaff
Professor of Hydrology and Landscape Ecology
Founding member of the Northern Rivers Institute
  Dr Jean-Christophe Comte
  Dr Josie Geris

Post Docs

PhD students

  • Ross Glover: "Detailed long-term study of a Scottish Atlantic salmon population across multiple life-stages suggests no discernible benefit of conservation stocking".
  • Jesus Mezquita: "Hydrogeophysical approaches for characterising flow and storage in weathered/fractured aquifers".
  • Jessica Fennell: ''Evaluating nature based strategies in rural landscapes for managing low flows and stream temperatures".
  • Katya Dimitrova Petrova: "Integrating novel water storage and flow sensing techniques to improve hydrological models/predictions".
  • Joel Blackburn: "Understanding stream-aquifer interactions and their influence on flow regimes and fluvial processes in a newly restored ephemeral stream".
  • Thea Piovano: "Advancing spatially distributed hydrological models to understand water storage, flux and age dynamics"
  • Samson Oiro: "Impact of climate change and human activities on groundwater resources in the Nairobi and Tiwi aquifers: two strategic Kenyan aquifers under high pressure".
  • Aaron Neill: "Linking small scale hydrological flow paths, connectivity and microbiological transport to protect remote private water supplies"
  • Rupert Houghton: "Barriers to acting now to protect the future: American crayfish invasion of Scotland as a paradigm". 

Recently Completed PhD students

  • Bernhard Scheliga: "Surface water and groundwater interactions in northern landscapes"
  • Luca Fabris: "Modelling the effects of flows and temperatures on Atlantic salmon; opportunities for Atlantic salmon".
  • Bas Buddendorf: "Multiscale modelling to assess to impacts on flows and ecology in regulated rivers".
  • Baptiste Marteau: "Hydromorphological and ecological response of a freshwater pearl mussel  river to the reconnection of a tributary in north western England"
  • Maria Blumstock: "Connectivity and storage in riparian zones"
  • Claire Tunaley "Integrating high-frequency DOC data, isotopes and modelling to assess flow path, connectivity and water age"
  • Jonathan Dick: "High frequency data to connect hydrology and biogeochemistry in peatland catchments"
  • Emma Quinlan: "Assessing the morphological adjustment and ecological response of the River Ehen to the re-alignment of Ben Gill, West Cumbria".
  • Cristina Buendia Fores: "Assessing the impact of fine sediments on river invertebrate communities"
  • Scott McGrane: "Effects of climate change on hydrological functioning of upland catchments"
  • Rene Capell: "Sustaining river flow under climate change – influence of landscape evolution on groundwater resourcesModelling dominant runoff processes using tracers and landscape organisation in larger catchments"
  • Christian Imholt: "Influence of climate and riparian management on the hydrological and thermal regimes of streams".
  • Mark Speed: "Isotope hydrology of a large river basin"
  • Christian Birkel: "Enhancing methodologies for capturing hydrological data in a changing environment"
  • Steve Addy: "Influence of base level change on river channels and catchment dynamics"
  • Jane Grant: "Hydro-ecology of groundwater - surface water interactions in complex hydro-geological environments"
  • Annie Truscott: "Integrating ecological and hydrological approaches to the distribution of riparian plant species"
  • Atul Haria: "Riparian surface-groundwater interactions and stream flow generation in upland catchments – implications for water quality"
  • Heather Jackson: "Influence of river regulation on macro- invertebrate communities"