Professor Chris Soulsby Professor Chris Soulsby
Professor of Hydrology
Director of the Northern Rivers Institute
  Dr Jean-Christophe Comte
Senior Lecturer
  Dr Josie Geris
Senior Lecturer
Dr David Haro Monteagudo


Post Docs

PhD students

  • Oludare Durodola: ‘Optimising water use and soil carbon sequestration - can agricultural co-cropping systems provide multiple benefits to address climate change?’
  • Thomas Kind: ‘Integrating water quality and quantity data to improve hydrological modelling in managed landscapes’
  • Martyn Roberts: ‘The role of place and scale on effectiveness of temporary storage areas for surface runoff attenuation’
  • Jamie Stevenson: 'Isotopes in Urban Ecohydrology'
  • Eva Loerke: "UAV thermal remote sensing for assessing river temperature".
  • Oluwaseun Olabode: "Potential of managed aquifer recharge in two contrasted African hydrogeological settings under climatic and demographic pressures".
  • Hamish Johnson: "Groundwater and nutrient dynamics in heterogeneous agricultural catchment".
  • Yogendra Kumar: "Experimental and field Investigation of fluid flow in fractured rock using self-potential measurements".
  • Jesus Mezquita: "Hydrogeophysical approaches for characterising flow and storage in weathered/fractured aquifers".
  • Jessica Fennell: ''Evaluating nature based strategies in rural landscapes for managing low flows and stream temperatures".
  • Joel Blackburn: "Understanding stream-aquifer interactions and their influence on flow regimes and fluvial processes in a newly restored ephemeral stream".

Recently Completed PhD students

  • Ross Glover: "Detailed long-term study of a Scottish Atlantic salmon population across multiple life-stages suggests no discernible benefit of conservation stocking".
  • Katya Dimitrova Petrova: "Integrating novel water storage and flow sensing techniques to improve hydrological models/predictions".
  • Thea Piovano: "Advancing spatially distributed hydrological models to understand water storage, flux and age dynamics".
  • Aaron Neill: "Advancing models of microbial water quality across scales : from statistical to process-based approaches".
  • Samson Oiro: "Impact of climate change and human activities on groundwater resources in the Nairobi and Tiwi aquifers: two strategic Kenyan aquifers under high pressure".
  • Bernhard Scheliga: "Surface water and groundwater interactions in northern landscapes".
  • Luca Fabris: "Modelling the effects of flows and temperatures on Atlantic salmon; opportunities for Atlantic salmon".
  • Bas Buddendorf: "Multiscale modelling to assess to impacts on flows and ecology in regulated rivers".
  • Baptiste Marteau: "Hydromorphological and ecological response of a freshwater pearl mussel  river to the reconnection of a tributary in north western England".
  • Maria Blumstock: "Spatial organisation of groundwater-surface water interactions in an upland catchment : integrating hydrometric, tracer and modelling approaches".
  • Claire Tunaley "Integrating high-frequency DOC data, isotopes and modelling to assess flow path, connectivity and water age".
  • Jonathan Dick: "High frequency data to connect hydrology and biogeochemistry in peatland catchments".
  • Emma Quinlan: "Assessing the morphological adjustment and ecological response of the River Ehen to the re-alignment of Ben Gill, West Cumbria".
  • Cristina Buendia Fores: "Assessing the impact of fine sediments on river invertebrate communities".
  • Scott McGrane: "Effects of climate change on hydrological functioning of upland catchments".
  • Rene Capell: "Sustaining river flow under climate change – influence of landscape evolution on groundwater resourcesModelling dominant runoff processes using tracers and landscape organisation in larger catchments".
  • Christian Imholt: "Influence of climate and riparian management on the hydrological and thermal regimes of streams".
  • Mark Speed: "Isotope hydrology of a large river basin".
  • Christian Birkel: "Enhancing methodologies for capturing hydrological data in a changing environment".
  • Steve Addy: "Influence of base level change on river channels and catchment dynamics".
  • Jane Grant: "Hydro-ecology of groundwater - surface water interactions in complex hydro-geological environments".
  • Annie Truscott: "Integrating ecological and hydrological approaches to the distribution of riparian plant species".
  • Atul Haria: "Riparian surface-groundwater interactions and stream flow generation in upland catchments – implications for water quality".
  • Heather Jackson: "Influence of river regulation on macro- invertebrate communities".