Research PG


Contact Details

The University of Aberdeen B34, St Mary's, School of Geosciences,
University of Aberdeen,
Elphinstone Road,
Aberdeen, AB24 3UF


Academic History

  • Since October 2017: PhD Degree, Evaluating nature based strategies in rural landscapes for managing low flows and stream temperatures, NERC and Chivas Brothers, University of Aberdeen, UK.
  • 2016-2017: MSci Environmental Water Management, Cranfield University, UK.
  • 2011-2014: BSc hons Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, UK

Research Interests

  • Catchment hydrology
  • Water resources and temperature change
  • Nature based solutions
  • Aquatic ecology

My research is focussed on better understanding catchment processes to determine potential opportunities for Nature Based Solutions (NBS) for water management. In particular, I am interested in the potential of employing different NBS to address water temperatures and resources during low flows. Example NBS approaches include brash barriers and wetlands to increase infiltration, or tree planting to induce shading for temperature mitigation. The research is funded through a NERC CASE studentship with Chivas Brothers as the industrial partner. It also involves collaborations with the James Hutton Institute. This project will explore approaches to improve the long-term sustainability of the Distillery industry by increasing their resilience to change in the volume and temperature of process and cooling water, particularly during periods of low flows. To address these aims, we use a combination of water quality, isotopic and hydrological monitoring and modelling approaches.  

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