MA in Geography

MA in Geography

In Aberdeen you can study Geography as a Master of Arts (MA) or a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. You would normally apply for a Master of Arts (MA) degree if you wish to study other humanities or social-science courses as well as your Geography courses during your degree, if you intend to specialise in Human Geography, and/or if you wish to emphasise your humanities and social-science training beyond university.

The MA is available as:

  • Single Honours
  • Joint Honours with e.g. Accountancy, Anthropology, Economics, Education, Entrepreneurship, Finance, French, Gaelic Studies, German, Hispanic Studies, History, International Relations, Literature, Management Studies & Sociology
  • Designated Degree, Single and Joint options (3-year)

What is meant by Single Honours, Joint Honours, and Designated Degrees?

  • A student studying Single Honours in Geography will complete a four-year programme of study specialising in Geography in 3rd and 4th Year (the "Honours" years). You will qualify with an MA (Hons) Geography degree.
  • A student studying Joint Honours in Geography will complete a four-year degree, specialising in both Geography and another university subject during 3rd and 4th Year (the "Honours" years). You might, for example, qualify with an MA (Hons) Geography-Sociology degree.
  • A student achieving a Designated Degree will complete the flexible option of a three-year programme of study comprising First, Second and Third Year studies in Geography or Joint Geography with another university subject.

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