BSc in Geography

BSc in Geography

In Aberdeen you can study Geography as Bachelor of Science (BSc) or a Master of Arts (MA) degree. You would normally apply for a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree if you wish to study other science courses as well as your Geography courses during your degree, if you intend to specialise in Physical Geography, and/or if you wish to emphasise your science training beyond university.

The BSc is available as:

  • Single Honours
  • Joint Honours with other programmes including Archaeology, Education, Geology.
  • Designated Degree, Single and Joint options (3-year) 

What is meant by Single Honours, Joint Honours, and Designated Degrees?

  • A student studying Single Honours in Geography will complete a four-year programme of study specialising in Geography in 3rd and 4th Year (the "Honours" years). You will qualify with a BSc (Hons) Geography degree.
  • A student studying Joint Honours in Geography will complete a four-year degree, specialising in both Geography and another university subject during 3rd and 4th Year (the "Honours" years). You might, for example, qualify with a BSc (Hons) Geography-Geology degree.
  • A student achieving a Designated Degree will complete the flexible option of a three-year programme of study comprising First, Second and Third Year studies in Geography or Joint Geography with another university subject. 

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