MSc Archaeology: Vikings in Focus

MSc Archaeology: Vikings in Focus

Seminar amid viking ruins

Field seminar at the Viking site of Birsay, Orkney


Are you interested in the Viking Age? Then this new MSc-orientation "Vikings in Focus" is for you!

The last centuries of the Scandinavian Iron Age, c. 750-1050, is the dynamic era in which Norse peoples made a lasting impression on Northern European, and indeed world history. We call it the Viking Age. It was characterised by a society in transition – between Pagan beliefs and Christianity, Iron Age Chiefdoms and Medieval States, Thing and Law. This programme lets you explore the era of the Vikings. Through archaeological remains, artefacts and ancient landscapes we map the Viking diaspora, meet the Vikings at home and abroad, as farmers, raiders, traders and settlers. In addition you will develop detailed competence in a specialist area of Viking studies.

The degree can be taken as preparation for higher research, as professional qualification or purely out of interest.

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The programme is offered full time over one year or part time over two years. The modules offered are:


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