The physical remains of people are the most tangible way of engaging with the long and rich story of our human past. The study of human remains can provide detailed evidence for past population structure, human health, past cultural practices and worldviews and belief. This course utilises the unique archaeological collections from Aberdeen and beyond held by the University, and integrates state-of-the-art bioarchaeological approaches and techniques. This programme provides students with the knowledge and practical skills to analyse human skeletons from archaeological contexts, giving an unparalleled insight into the lives of our ancestors.

The inagural class in the MSc in Osteoarchaeology will begin in Autumn 2018. Apply below. 

Programme Details

The MSc in Osteoarchaeology will launch in September 2018.  Please watch this space.

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Video Introduction

Key Faculty

Dr Rebecca Crozier (beginning Jan 2018)

Dr Kate Britton

Dr Charlotta Hillerdal


Special funding opportunity for international students coming for a taught masters in Archaeology 2017-18!

A range of funding opportunities can be found by searching the University of Aberdeen's central funding database.

General information about funding sources available can also be found on the University of Aberdeen website.

How to Apply

Please follow this link to apply to the MSc in Osteoarchaeology.