MSc Archaeology

MSc Archaeology

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Are you looking for a general MSc programme that still lets you pursue your specific interest? In that case this is the programme for you!

This taught MSc in Archaeology aims to provides students from a range of backgrounds with a broad-based post-graduate qualification in Archaeology but with the option perusing specific archaeological specialisms. You have the opportunity to study archaeological method and theory in combination with Archaeology of the North, Viking archaeology, GIS, Anthropology, Museum studies, and - from September 2018 - modules in, Bioarchaeology, Osteoarchaeology and Palaeopathology.

Teaching is research led and ties in to current projects run by the staff at the department, prominent researchers and fieldworkers in Northern Europe, Scandinavia, the North Atlantic and the circumpolar region from Siberia to the Canadian Arctic. Closer to home, the archaeology of Scotland is a natural priority.

In addition you will develop detailed competence in a specialist methodological, regional or chronological field of archaeology.

This degree can be taken as preparation for higher research, as a professional qualification, or purely out of interest. This programme is also appropriate as a conversion course for students new to archaeology but with a background in a cognate discipline.

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Programme Details

The programme is offered full time over one year or part time over two years. The modules offered are:

*AY5002 & AY5502 can be substituted with modules from Archaeology and other disciplines, including

  • Viking Archaeology (AY5005)
  • GIS Tools and Techniques (GG5050)
  • The Museum Idea (AT5026)
  • GIS Tools and Techniques (GG5550)
  • Fundamentals of GIS and Spatial Analysis (GG5539)
  • Current Applications of GIS (GG5540)
  • Reading Environmental Ethnography (AT5509)
  • Developing a Theory of Practice: Learning and Museums (ED553E)

From 2018 additional optional modules will be available from our new Osteoarchaeology and Palaeopathology programme which can also be taken by MSc Archaeology students.

We will endeavour to make all course options available; however, these may be subject to timetabling and other constraints. Please see our InfoHub pages for further information.


Special funding opportunity for international students coming for a taught masters in Archaeology 2017-18!

A range of funding opportunities can be found by searching the University of Aberdeen's central funding database.

General information about funding sources available can also be found on the University of Aberdeen website.

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