Introduction to Offshore Decommissioning

Introduction to Offshore Decommissioning

EC  ITB* Approved provider

Delivered by the National Decommissioning Centre, this ECITB-approved CPD course is suitable for those wishing to gain a greater understanding of the issues and activities associated with offshore decommissioning, including oil and gas industry professionals (technical and non-technical), engineers, managers, finance and procurement personnel, as well as those working in related industries or regulatory bodies.

Delegates will gain an overview of the health, safety, environmental and legal considerations associated with offshore decommissioning and examine the principles of managing an offshore decommissioning project.

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Ways to learn

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the context of offshore decommissioning.
  • State the health, safety and environmental and legal considerations
  • associated with offshore decommissioning.
  • Identify the ongoing liability obligations post-decommissioning.
  • Identify improvements in the decommissioning process.
  • State the environmental considerations of Offshore Decommissioning.
  • Explain the economic context of offshore decommissioning.
  • Examine the methods and considerations for cost planning of decommissioning activities. Characterise the requirements for decommissioning an asset offshore.
  • Recognise the requirements for the onshore dismantling of decommissioned assets.

Topics include include:

Welcome live 'collaborate' session  

1) Offshore decommissioning in context (1hr lecture)
developed by Dr Antonios Karadimos

2) Legal obligations (2hrs lecture)
3) Ongoing liability obligations post-decommissioning and improvements in the decommissioning process (1hr lecture)

developed by Prof John Paterson

4) Environmental considerations (0.5hrs lecture)
developed by Dr Astley Hastings

Live 'collaborate' session covering topics 1-4, for online courses  

5) Economic considerations (1.5hrs lecture)
developed by Prof Alex Kemp

Live 'collaborate' session covering topic 5, for online courses  

6) Requirements for decommissioning an asset offshore (2.5hrs lecture)
developed by Prof Richard Neilson

7) Onshore dismantling of decommissioned assets (2hrs lecture)
developed by Dr David Vega-Maza

Live 'collaborate' session covering topics 6 & 7, for online courses  
End-of-course assessment (2 week deadline for online courses)  

Case Study

See details of the course in our case study.


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