The Introduction to Offshore Decommissioning course is now being offered online.  The content is the same as the 2-day event, with live webinars organised where students can 'meet' the academics for discussions and questions.  See also topic information for duration of recordings.  Learners will be required to sit an end-of-course assessment within 4 weeks of starting the course, in order to receive ECITB certification.  We expect learners to spend approx 7 hours per week online, for both the recorded lectures and participation in the live collaborate sessions.  Additional study time may also be required.

To register your interest and keep up-to-date on developments, email Julie Dixon at


The cost for our ECITB approved online course is £695 per person.  Spaces on the course are limited and we offer a small number of discount places for NDC partners and members, as well as UoA members of staff at a 10% discount.  Limited spaces are also available to current University of Aberdeen students who can apply for a rate of £349; again places are limited and on a first-come first-serve basis. 

IT Requirements


Benefits of online learning

Duration of Study

This CPD course runs over a 3 week period, with a further week given for completion of the end-of-course assessment.  

Week 1 starts with a live Welcome collaborate session on the Monday the course starts and the day learning materials for topics 1-4 are released.   There is a further live collaborate session covering these topics on the Thursday, and learners will be given access to topic 5. 

Week 2 involves a live collaborate session covering topic 5.  Access will then be given to topics 6 and 7

Week 3 involes a live collaborate session covering topics 6 & 7, and then access will be given to the end-of-course assessment.  You will have 1 further week until the deadline for completion of the assessment.

Approximately 6 hours of online participation is required each week, to go over the course materials and participate in the live collaborate sessions.

Choose when to study

This CPD course requires learners to work through the materials in their own time (approx 7 hours per week for watching the recorded lectures plus participation in the live collaborate sessions).  Learners can join live collaborate sessions with other students and the academic team to open discussion and ask questions.   There will be 3 live collaborate sessions lasting around 1 hour each, within the 3 week time period.  There is also a live Welcome collaborate session at the start of the course.  These live events are recorded so you can watch later if you are unable to attend on the dates scheduled.

Participants can also engage in the interactive chat function with other participants.. What's more, all of the materials are pre-recorded, so you don't need to worry about missing out or being online at specific times, taking the stress out of learning.  

See details on the registration page for course start dates, dates/times of the live webinars, and the deadline for completing the end-of-course assessment (usually within 4 weeks of the course start date).

Choose where to study

At home, on the go, in the park… the choice is endless. And chosen by you. As long as you can access the internet, you can study with us – meaning you can get the same ECITB approved CPD certificate as our campus students without having to travel or commute.


Learners will have access to the teaching materials via the MyAberdeen learning portal.  Three webinars have been schedule for learners to discuss the topics amongst themselves and with the course developers.  Should you be unable to attend these webinars, there will also be chat rooms for each topic and support can be offered via the course co-ordinator.  You‘ll be part of a community of learners and can chat with your classmates on our discussion boards around the clock. 

Wherever you are in the world, you’ll feel part of our very special Aberdeen learning community. 

Achieve your potential

Studying with us will help you reach your goals. Studying online shows employers that you are self-motivated, can manage your own time and are dedicated to your own development. 

“If an applicant has achieved their academic goals while juggling the demands of work or a busy home life, then that is definitely someone I’d be keen to speak to.” 

Scott Burnett - University Relationship Manager, Santander UK 

Further learning opportunities

If you’re keen to learn more, we have a diverse range of part-time, online courses you can use to take your knowledge and expertise to the next level. They can all be studied around full-time work: