Second Level

Below you will find the links to the Second Level unit, comprising a Teacher's Guide and links to 4 Sways. Please read the Teacher's Guide before using the Sways with a class. The unit explores Scots and Cant language, Scottish Traveller culture, children's rights, traditional song and stories, and stereotyping. It focuses on Social Subjects, Helth and Wellbeing, and Religious and Moral CfE Experiences and Outcomes.

Second Level Activity 1: Who are the Scottish Travellers?

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Timeline Activity Cards


Second Level Activity 2: Stanley's Childhood and my Rights

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Second Level Activity 3: What did stories and songs mean to Stanley?

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Activity Worksheets
Comic Strip Worksheet
Cant Glossary
Lyrics: The Hawker's Lament
Lyrics: The Berry Fields o Blair
Lyrics: The Battle o Harlaw


Second Level Activity 4: What is Stanley's Legacy?

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Second Level Teacher's Guide

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