First Level

First Level

First Level

Below you will find the links to the First Level unit, comprising a teacher's guide and links to 4 Sways. The unit explores Stanley Robertson's life and contribution to Scottish culture. It focuses on Social Subjects CfE Outcomes and Experiences, particularly the 'Famous Scot' outcome.

First Level Activity 1: History Detectives On The Loose!

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Worksheets and Handouts for Activity 1
History Detective Worksheet


First Level Activity 2: Stanley Robertson – A Famous Scot?

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First Level Activity 3: Stories and Songs as Historic Sources

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Worksheet for Activity 3
Burker Tale Worksheet
Burker Tale Glossary


First Level Activity 4: Stanley and the Three 'I's - Importance, Impact, Icon?

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Worksheets for Activity 4
Stanley and the Three 'I's Worksheet
Evidence Sheet 1
Evidence Sheet 2
Evidence Sheet 3


First Level Teacher's Guide

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