PGDE Primary Testimonials

PGDE Primary Testimonials

Emma Fowlie

We all have that teacher that we remember from school that took the time with us, that inspired us with their love for their subject, that made us feel valued and capable of so much more than we even believed of ourselves. They loved their profession, and the reality is, in some way, they are probably the reason that we too want to be teachers.

The staff within the Aberdeen University Education faculty exemplify all those qualities. The postgraduate diploma is intensive but the whole department from the warm welcome at reception, to the tutors and specialist support services have made us feel part of something special.

They have supported us, believed in us and shown us through their every interaction what those special moments of teaching look like. In doing so, they have provided us with a comprehensive academic knowledge base of pedagogy whilst modelling all the practical skills that we will need as we embark on our next steps into the profession.  

The course is run in a thoughtful, inclusive manner that values the importance of our own individual circumstances. The online platform used by the University is easy to use and full of useful links and course information. Any graded work combines both academic and practical elements that are focussed on providing us with layers of knowledge and understanding which will be invaluable for our probationer year and beyond.  Most importantly, the department listens. They look to involve the student body and constantly try to reflect and react to feedback.      

As I move on to start my probationer year in a small community school in Aberdeenshire, I am reminded that teaching is all about relationships. The Aberdeen Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Education epitomises that ethos in every way.    

Mandy Tulloch

The PGDE Primary course at the University of Aberdeen is a year of thought-provoking study, made up of lectures and tutorials on campus in Old Aberdeen and two placements out in schools.

The lectures and tutorials give you a grounding in the ideas behind education. They are highly relevant to classroom life whilst placements give you the fantastic experience of daily life in school. The Old Aberdeen campus is a unique setting but it's the education staff that really make the course. All are experienced teachers who enthuse about education and the wellbeing of children. This comes through in their never-ending support for students on the course - from giving teaching tips to encouraging us to make mistakes as a way to learn.

The course is full-on for 10 months and at times is demanding, with a lot of evening and weekend work, particularly during placements, but as the saying goes - you get out what you put in. Go for it!

Hemalatha Kesavan 

My name is Hemalatha Kesavan, I am from Chennai, India. I am a 30-year-old mum to a 19-month-old boy and have recently been employed by Aberdeen city council.

I was introduced to the programme by one of my peers and I really liked the way the course was structured, the duration, the flexibility and the offers available after the course. The pandemic proved that a lot of things are possible because I was quite worried about how the course would change due to the restrictions. But it could have not been better, staff were very friendly, kind, understanding and helpful from the beginning of my teaching journey to the end. Every individual’s circumstances were taken into consideration and maximum effort was taken to help us finish the course successfully.

Flexibility is the key, and this programme is best example! This is one of the best decisions I have ever taken. It has changed my whole career and has given me a new perspective to life! I came in as a different person and I am leaving as a better person so I would like to thank the university, staff and all my peers.