MA Primary Education Testimonials

MA Primary Education Testimonials

Lynne Erskine 

Lynne ErskineI’m Lynne, I’m 40, and I’m a probationer in Aberdeenshire Council, having successfully completed the undergraduate MA in Primary Education.  

I would have to admit that being a teacher wasn’t a lifelong vocation of mine, although I’ve always had a love of learning. I first became interested in the Curriculum for Excellence when it was implemented in schools, as at that time I had young children in the lower stages of primary. That interest grew as I began to volunteer at school, and I came to realise that whilst teaching is a demanding job, it’s also so rewarding, and I explored entry into the profession. With four children, I felt that the barriers would be too great to return to study. When we relocated from Fife to Aberdeen for my husband’s job, I contacted the teaching staff at Aberdeen University, and decided to enrol. 

The course was challenging both academically and logistically, but the support I received from the staff, both tutors and support services alike, meant that I was able to successfully navigate the demands of both course work and placements. I was pleased and proud to have been awarded the Kay prize for achieving the highest grade point average in my cohort. 

Not only have I now been able to embark upon a career that I once regarded as an impossibility, but I have made lifelong connections and friendships. The course has given me an excellent foundation of both theoretical knowledge and practical skill that have enabled me to enter my probationary year with the confidence to continue to grow as I gain experience in teaching.