TQFE Testimonials

TQFE Testimonials

Creag McCutcheon

My TQFE qualification at the University of Aberdeen has been an enjoyable experience. Although the deadlines, workload and assessments gave me sleepless nights, it has been worth it.

Staff, in particular Stephanie Thompson and Gillian McInnes, made my experience worthwhile. They were available and quick to respond to my many queries. They also helped me advance in my profession academically.

I have learnt many skills throughout this course, including professional teaching skills. It has helped me to learn and adapt to a wide variety of students, and I have seen this through practice and observations. It has also connected me with people working in education locally and across many parts of the world.

The experience I have gained has been invaluable. Through this, I have gained many friends who were only colleagues at first. Many parts have challenged me academically, but I have felt supported throughout my course. I have also benefitted from working online and meeting face-to-face.

I would advise anyone wishing to take courses at Aberdeen University to go for it. It will be hard work, but many are willing to help you. And it’s challenging, but the satisfaction upon completion is totally worth all the hard work. Also, use all the provisions, even the ones you think might not help - you will be surprised!

Barry Sim 

When I left school at 17, I embarked on a career in the automotive industry, becoming a light vehicle technician; within 18 years in the workshop, I helped develop the careers of several apprentice technicians under my supervision. Seeing these young technicians progress as I did motivated me to take this one step further and pursue a career in education. Having left school with average qualifications, I enrolled on a 2-year evening HNC college course in automotive engineering in 2014, aged 32, fully funded by myself and graduated in 2016. At the time, this course was a minimum requirement to be considered for employment within my sector in further education.

In 2016 just before I graduated, I gained a job with a well-known leading private training provider in Scotland teaching their light vehicle apprentices. The experience gave me my first taste of education and a continuous drive to get where I wanted to be. In 2018, I fulfilled my goal of gaining employment with West College Scotland and getting to where I am today. The thought of attending university was the furthest thing from my mind when I left school, something I thought would never happen or even considered. When I was selected to undertake the TQFE program, I was ready for a new challenge and one I wanted to put everything into.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my time at university has been being part of a community of like-minded people across various colleges. Online and workshop group collaboration sessions allowed me to understand that my peers shared the same issues I was experiencing within my teaching practice. These sessions allowed me to take away the shared knowledge I had gained and how best to put them into practice for my students. This sense of community made me feel comfortable expressing and sharing my ideas. The most positive experience I have gained from the TQFE is that of feedback. Feedback after assignments and observations has ensured I take all comments on board and put them into my practice providing the best teaching experience for my students. 

Undertaking this course has taught me a lot about my assumptions of a situation during a class or workshop activity. Analysing what I see as something might be far from the truth and not quite as it seems. These skills have been valuable for me as it now helps me see things through the student’s eyes. During my time on TQFE, the lecturing staff have been very supportive and helpful whenever approached on the course work material. 

In-person group collaboration sessions were always a great place to ask in person and seek the correct guidance on written assignments. My time at Aberdeen University has been rewarding and challenging at the same time. Whether this is your first experience at university or you are a returning student, try not to let a busy life schedule of external influences get in your way. Plan well in advance, don’t leave things to the last minute and enjoy the course.