Identify potential funding for your study

A wide variety of funding schemes are available to support clinical research from small pilot studies to large complex trials. Research and Innovation (R&I) support both University and NHS Grampian staff to identify relevant funding opportunities:

Preparing your research grant application

It is good practice to consider resource requirements at the same time as developing your Study Design. A list of potential costs for a clinical study are detailed below. R&I will actively help applicants ensure their proposals are accurately costed and meet funders’ requirements and can also advise on intellectual property and contractual queries. University applicants must follow the University's Peer Review Procedure.

The time required to prepare a high quality grant application is considerable and this should be taken into account in order to make your applicaiton as competitive as possible.

Applications led by University investigators or applications led by NHS Grampian investigators which involve University co-applicants: Please use the University's Research Award Management System: Worktribe to help prepare your costing. For cost queries the R&I pre award costing team and the  NHS Grampian Non Commercial Manager should be contacted with as much notice as possible. For studies involving medicinal products - the NHS Grampian clinical trial pharmacist should also be contacted.

Applications led by NHS staff which don't involve the University of Aberdeen co-investigators: please contact Susan Ridge in NHS R&D in the first instance.

Submission of your research grant application

Applications led by University investigators or applications led by NHS Grampian investigators which involve University co-applicants: Applications should be submitted for internal apporval via  Worktribe at least 5 days before the funding deadline. Once the application has been apporved via the Worktribe portal investigators can submit to the external funder.

Acceptance of funding

Please notify R&I once you know your study has been funded. R&I will:

  • Arrange formal acceptance of your award
  • Set-up the study budget and provide a grant code
  • Liaise with HR to enable recruitment of any study staff
  • Arrange any necessary research contracts

Potential costs to consider in a clinical research funding application


  • Investigator time  - study management, study tasks and data analysis
  • Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) support - contact CHaRT 
  • Trial support (outside CTU) -  e.g. trial manager, trial coordinator, data coordinator, data manager 
  • Recruitment-related - e.g. site investigators, research nurses
  • Health economist - contact HERU
  • Administrative e.g. secretarial
  • Laboratory staff - e.g. research fellows/associates, technician




  • Investigator meetings 
  • Trial committee meetings
  • Participant travel
  • Conference attendance


  • IMP / placebo e.g. procurement, repackaging, encapsulation - research team to arrange quotation
  • IMP / placebo storage and distribution - research team to arrange quotation
  • Pharmacy costs - contact NHSG Clinical Trials Pharmacist
  • Medical device -  research team to arrange quotation
  • Other intervention costs e.g. dietary, exercise equipment, digital (iPAD / tablets)


  • Sample analysis - contact relevant laboratory managers
  • Imaging PET & MRI contact Imaging Facilities Coordinator  CT - contact NHSG manager
  • Questionnaire licence fees - contact licensor
  • Access to routinely collected health care data - contact provider e.g. ISD, NHS Digital, eDRIS


  • PPI expenses
  • PPI honoraria (refer to INVOVLE guidelines)
  • PPI workshops and networking events


  • Printing costs e.g. consent forms, participant info. sheets
  • Equipment - research team to arrange quotation
  • NHS Grampian Bio-repository contact Biorepository Manager
  • Publication costs
  • Zoom licence fees
  • Public engagement - contact UoA Public Engagement PERU team


NHS RESEARCH, SUPPORT & TREATMENT COSTS  and SOECAT forms - contact the NHSG Non Commercial Manager

Planning Research


Study Design Facilities Scientific Peer Review Secure Funding Prepare study documentation Sponsorship Protocol Contracts Registration on public database Finalise study documents Statutory Approvals Ethics Review