Acceptance of funding award

Please notify Research & Innovation (R&I)  as soon as you hear your study has been funded. R&I will arrange acceptance of the award.

What agreements will be required for my study?

This will vary depending on the study. For studies led by University investigators, or NHS Grampian investigators with honorary University status, study agreements will be arranged by R&I and will involve support from legally-trained colleagues. The following types of agreement may be required in a clinical research study:

  • Funding Agreement
  • Collaboration Agreement
  • Third Party Supply Agreement
  • Sub-contracts e.g. laboratory services
  • Data Processing Agreement or Data Sharing Agreement

In addition, for medicinal product/device trials and other types of interventional studies:

  • Co-sponsorship Agreement
  • Drug Supply Agreement
  • Technical Agreement
  • Site Agreements

For CTIMPs and Medical Device Clinical Investigations please refer to the current Generation of Contracts SOP

Involvement of third party service providers & suppliers in clinical studies

The University of Aberdeen and NHSG Grampian Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) may decide to undertake a third assessment ahead of signing an agreement with a supplier.  Please refer to the current SOP for the Selection and Management of Third Parties and contact the UoA-NHSG QAM as soon as a third party suppliers have been identified. R&I will also help ensure any required procurement  processes are followed.

Planning Research


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