Part-time, casual and vacation work

Part-time, casual and vacation work

For many students working part-time during their studies is an essential way to support themselves financially. These roles are also a way of gaining a wide range of transferable skills and demonstrating your professionalism to future employers.

There is a wide variety of part-time jobs available for students. Opportunities exist across all industry sectors, including tutoring, care jobs, administrative/office work, marketing, advertising, PR, research as well as hospitality and retail.

The University recommends that students work for no more than 20 hours per week. This is to help you to achieve the right balance between your studies, other commitments and the need to earn money to support yourself. For more information on your rights in the workplace read the AUSA "Your Rights at Work" guide.

If you are an International Student from outside the EEA (European Economic Area) you must ensure you have the right to work. Contact the International Student Advisers for further guidance on Useful information is also provided by UKCISA.

StudentJob service

StudentJob is a new collaborative service between AUSA and the University Careers and Employability Service aimed at helping students to secure part-time jobs and to support students who are already working part-time.

StudentJob advertises current vacancies on the University Careers and Employability Service’s CareerConnect system. Login with your university username and password. In CareerConnect you can opt to receive email alerts of new opportunities by going to My Profile/ Update Profile.

To get more information about finding part-time work experience and working besides your studies download the How to Earn Whilst You Learn Student Guide


Vacation Work

There are a wide range of jobs that you can do during a vacation, from working at a summer camp to taking a seasonal position in a hotel or restaurant. Even though it may not be what you want to do after graduation, these experiences will help you to develop valuable workplace skills.  We advertise a lot of opportunities on CareerConnect but you could also do your own research. See a list of organisations offering international casual jobs.


Including part-time work on your CV and job applications

Students often ask us if they should detail part-time work on their CV. The answer is “yes”. For example, a part-time role in a café or bar demonstrates a wide range of skills, such as developing experience in customer service, business awareness, teamwork and communication.