University of Aberdeen graduates are welcome to continue using the Careers and Employability Service after you finish your studies. 

If you are currently registered as a student at another university, you can find contact details for other Careers Services on the AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) website.

Current News and Resources for Graduates

What's on for 2021 graduating students

Mini Career Course: 5 questions every graduating student should ask themselves

In this mini career course we aim to answer the five questions every graduating student should ask themselves as they leave university and look to the future. The course should take around 15 minutes to complete and can count towards the Aberdeen Employability Boost Award.

Aberdeen Employability Boost Award

This programme consists of live events, mini career courses, employer-led sessions and self-assessment exercises that will boost your employability. 

The programme of live events is finished for the 2020-21 academic year but you can still earn the Award(s) by completing other activities (including mini career courses, self-assessment exercises and ShortlistMe interviews). To participate in the programme, login to CareerConnect and navigate to Pathways (from the CareerConnect dashboard click on the blue circle labelled "Pathways"). Watch this short video for help with accessing Pathways.

ABDNConnect Internship Programme

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The ABDNConnect Internship Programme provides paid internship opportunities for students and graduates. The programme is supported by completion of a set of skills reflection and development activities to maximise the value of the experience. For current students, successful completion of the programme will be recognised on the Enhanced Transcript. 

Free online course for graduates

Life beyond university can be full of opportunity, but it may feel more challenging in the current climate. Perhaps you have had to change your plans and now feel less certain about the future. Or maybe you are still looking for that moment of career inspiration. Whatever stage you are at, this free, 30-hour, online course can help with moving you closer to career success. Covering a broad range of topics, but with a clear focus on short tasks and positive action, we aim to answer that important question, ‘What Next?’

Career stories from the Class of 2008

Students who graduated in 2008 faced a challenging labour market as a result of the financial crash. Read our blog to hear from graduates of 2008 talk about the challenges they faced and the advice they offer to students graduating in similar circumstances.

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