LinkedIn is a professional networking platform which provides a multitude of opportunities for students and graduates to research and develop their career opportunities through making meaningful connections. 

Top Tips
  • Having a photo matters: You are 14 times more likely to have your profiled viewed and 36 times more likely to receive a LinkedIn message with a profile picture.

  • Add a personalised message to your connection: Although it takes a little more work, adding a personalised note to when making a connection can make a difference in not only securing a connection but how that connection may develop.

  • Stay active: Engaging on 4 posts per day can increase your profile views by 200%-2000%!

What to include
  • A photo: Your profile will receive higher engagement if you upload a photo as part of your profile so we would encourage you to do this. It doesn’t need to be taken by a professional photographer, just a high quality headshot that is recent and has a none distracting background.

  • Customised Headline and Summary: You should consider customising your headline to make it more eye catching and engaging. You should always include a summary section which is professionally written and is grammatically correct.  Within this section you can highlight your professional passions, the experiences you have and the value you bring to an organisation.

  • Education and Experience: Add your past and current education achievements. You can include specific details relating to your course subject that may be of relevance to the types of jobs you are applying to. When showcasing your experiences, don’t just tell us where you worked and what your job role was also include what you were responsible for and any achievements you had. There is a separate section to include any volunteering experience.

  • Skills: It is important to add some skills to your profile. There are no shortage of skills to consider adding and can range from technological skills, industry specific skills and interpersonal skills, so add as many as are applicable to you.

  • Interests: To enhance your engagement on LinkedIn you can follow different companies and education institutions as well as areas of interest. 

Get feedback

If you would like to receive feedback on your LinkedIn profile you can book an appointment or submit a virtual adviser query through career connect.