Impact case studies involving CeLMR members.

Increasing uptake of free eye examinations among Scotland’s poorer citizens

Research led by the University of Aberdeen Economics department on the 2006 Scottish eyecare reform has highlighted the role of socio-economic inequalities in limiting uptake of eye examinations in Scotland. Key policymakers, such as the Scottish Government, Optometry Scotland and Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Scotland, have now acknowledged the importance of addressing these disparities and are seeking to introduce an alternative strategy. The research underpinning this case study has (1) shaped the focus of current RNIB Scotland and Scottish Government awareness-raising campaigns, (2) influenced the methodologies and practices of the Public Health Scotland Data and Intelligence division in Scotland in the way eyecare data are reported, (3) led to the establishment of the Scottish Eyecare for Everyone (SEE) nationwide network for the advancement of eyecare in Scotland, and (4) informed discussions on the current and future funding of General Ophthalmic Services through the Scottish budget. Read more.

REF 2021 Case Study

Socioeconomics Status and Labour Market Experiences

Research carried out at the University of Aberdeen into the factors that influence the job satisfaction, health and well-being of employees has directly informed national and international policy reviews and reports. In the UK, recommendations from the research were incorporated into the Hutton Review of Fair Pay in the Public Sector; internationally, they were included in several EU Commission policy reviews and business press reports. The research was also presented direct to policy makers at EU forums and achieved considerable secondary reach through media coverage.

REF 2014 Case Study