The aims of CELMR are:

  • To provide a focus for the identification and implementation of high quality research projects in labour market economics
  • To make a substantive contribution both to academic understanding and to policy debate on labour market issues within the UK, Continental Europe and across the world.
  • To develop and evolve a coherent research agenda in labour economics and create a framework for the acquisition of funding to undertake and expand the research agenda
  • To provide a structure within which interested individuals and groups can provide mutual support in advancing their research within which young researchers can obtain help and advice
  • To create a structure conducive to postgraduate study and developing the skills of postgraduate students
  • To become a major focus of research on an international scale by providing a link with other scholars, commercial interests and governments in the UK and across the world to develop high quality international collaborative research networks

Enquiries about CELMR can be directed to the Director, Professor Ioannis Theodossiou at