Professor Ioannis Theodossiou

Director of CELMR Wage determination, unemployment, macroeconomics

Professor W David McCausland

Assistant Director Macroeconomics, labour economics

Professor John Skåtun

Associate Director Labour economics, labour market contracting, trades unions

Dr Nicole Andelic Labour economics, health economics, psychology
Dr Yu Aoki Health economics
Dr Harminder Battu Economics of education, employment contracts, regional inequality
Professor Keith Bender Performance pay and health, educational/skills mismatch, subjective well-being
Dr Karen Bilsland Work organisation; HRM; employee engagement and participation; corporate governance; spatiality and architecture in organisations; visual research methods
Dr Shainaz Firfiray HRM, work-life balance, employee well-being, diversity, and family firms.
Professor Catia Montagna International trade theory; firms in the global economy; labour markets, trade and FDI; globalisation and labour markets; welfare state policies
Entrepreneurship, Economic Sociology, Trust and Institutions, SME Internationalisation, Migrant and Ethnic Minority Businesses, West Africa
Professor Euan Phimister Economics of spatial labour markets
Dr Alexandros Zangelidis Labour economics
Professor Haina Zhang International management, organisational behaviour, human resource management and leadership

Associate members