Business and Our City

    • Aberdeen is seen as Scotland's London due to being a hub for the global energy industry. It is an energetic global hub within the oil and gas sector where innovation is key to growing business and finding new business. 
    • Aberdeen produces 28% of Scottish GDP with 4% of the Scottish population. (BBC News/UK/Business 2014)
    • 'Aberdeen is quite simply the most desirable city in the UK in which to live and work' (The Guardian) (PricewaterhouseCoopers). We are lucky to live near The Cairngorms National Park, seaside, close to Inverness and the Highlands a short trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Aberdeen has a thriving retail experience and plenty to do and see.
    • Aberdeen is growing above all UK cities (PWC and Demos Report)
    • Scotland is rated best place in the world to study (International Student Barometer 2011) This is backed up by The British Council Scotland has been renowned for the quality of its higher education when compared to many other countries.

Dunnotar Castle