How We Support Business

How We Support Business

We Develop You Throughout Your Career

As a business owner do you find it difficult to upskill your employees and are you worried that the industry is moving faster than you can manage to keep up with? The Business School offers Executive Education designed to problem solve business issues by bringing in learning from other industries and academics to give you an innovation edge and a different way of looking at your business problems.

Find out what Executive Education (continued professional development) we offer or contact Business Engagement for a chat
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Training For Your Business 

We can offer your business bespoke and advanced training programmes tailored to your needs. Talk to us about what you want to do. We may be able to help  We work with a range of industries to solve fundamental and specific problems in business today and for the future. Find out more

We Help Your Business Innovate

Do you find it challenging to innovate - not enough time, the right skills in house, difficulty managing innovation and your business at the same time, not sure how much it will cost but you know you need to grow?  We offer a range of unique thinking from our Professors to our postgraduates to find novel, new, innovative ways of working and developing new processes and methods. Everybody benefits with a virtuous circle of novelty to improve business, start new markets or set up new business. 

Our Programmes

Our programmes are bespoke too - we offer a vast array of really useful courses in our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes you tailor your programme to ensure you have the right skills, research and analytical ability for your next job. Our Masters programmes are ahead of trends and you can study some of these programmes anywhere in the world. A business degree can open up a world of opportunity.