International Centre

International Centre

The International Centre provides opportunities for students to enjoy multicultural experiences and share their own cultures here in Aberdeen through culturally-inspired events, groups and social networks, both online and on campus.

Our centre is based at 110 High Street, Old Aberdeen Campus

Make your experience an International one!

Language Groups

Each academic year the International Centre runs a variety of language groups. Most of these are hosted in our centre located at 110 High Street, Old Aberdeen.

If you'd like to be added to the online discussion for any of our language groups please email

IMPORTANT: We rely heavily on student volunteers and ambassadors to run our language groups so please make sure to check at the start of each academic term for which groups are running.

Go Abroad

The University of Aberdeen takes pleasure in supporting a diverse international community, by offering a range of opportunities for students to travel abroad, and welcoming students from around the world to our campuses. For information on opportunities abroad, head to the Go Abroad page.