Student Senate members

Student Senate members

Senate is responsible for all academic matters relating to teaching and research. This includes approving teaching and learning (including assessment) policies and practices, regulations that govern students’ programmes of study, their progress and their awards, and admission requirements to the University’s various degrees; and ensuring that appropriate and effective arrangements are in place for student support (academic and non-academic). 

The primary role of all student members of the Senate is to represent student opinion on matters that are discussed or debated at the Senate. The School Conveners, represent the student views within their parent school.

Find details of your student member below.

 Niels Imrie, School of Biological Sciences Convener

Photo of Senate member, Niels ImrieHi there! My name’s Niels, and I’m School Convener for Biological Sciences. Thanks for voting for me! The competition was pretty fierce. My job as Convener is to talk to your class reps, find out what the most important issues are, and make sure your concerns are addressed at Senate.  

Don’t hesitate to get in touch- you can contact me by email at (please don’t spam me). If that’s not your thing, you can always approach me if you see me in one of your lectures or in the union building. If you’ve got questions or gripes then I want to hear them, but I’m always up for a chat as well. 

See you around!  

Ankita Sinha, School of Business Convener

You can contact Ankita via email at


Fred Byrne, School of Divinity, History and Philosophy Convener

Ever wonder if your opinion really makes a difference at university?
It can. Get in touch with me or your class reps, and we'll bring your issue to where things can change.

My name is Fred Byrne, thank you for electing me as your new Convener for the School of Divinity, History, Philosophy and Art History. My job is to talk to you and your class reps and make changes through your Head of School, in the Student Council and in the University Senate.

Confused? Me too. I'll keep you updated on stuff here:@aberdeeninsider. Anything you want to share? DM or email me at Good luck in your studies!

Fred Byrne, School convener

You can contact Fred via email at

 Kate Kostick, School of Engineering Convener

I'm a dedicated engineering student who is passionate about improving the  academic experiences of all School of Engineering students. My experience as an articulated  student has provided me with a distinctive educational journey, a wide range of skills, and a passion for lifelong learning. Additionally, my prior industry experience before resuming my studies has moulded me into an individual who offers a unique and innovative outlook in both academic and professional settings. 

In my capacity as the Student Representative for third and now fourth-year Mechanical Engineering students at Aberdeen University, I have endeavoured to foster an inclusive and open platform for all students to express their opinions and provide feedback on how the Engineering School can further improve. 

Thank you to everyone who voted for me for the engineering conveyor position. Your support and confidence mean a lot to me, and I'm excited to take on this role and contribute to our engineering community. I am always happy to discuss any ideas you may have,  let's work together to achieve great things! 

You can contact Kate via email at

Finn Abou El Magd, School of Language, Literature, Music & Visual Culture Convener

Finn Magd, student member of SenateI'm Finn (pronouns: he/him), the School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture Convener. I'm currently a second-year student, studying Celtic & Anglo Saxon Studies and English. I also work part-time at the Sir Duncan Rice Library, a dream job for a bibliophile. As this is my second degree after pursuing Law, it is very much a passion project of mine.

I'm here because I love what I study, and I want to do my best to ensure that every student of LLMVC can have an equally positive experience. Your voice is important, and I am here to help uplift and empower that voice. You can reach me via email for any feedback you may have and any issues you wish to raise. I would love to hear from you!

You can contact Finn via email at

Khalifa Muhammad, School of Law Convener

Khalifa Muhammad YahayaMy name is Khalifa Muhammad Yahaya, a proud Nigerian, pursuing an LLM in Energy and Environmental law with professional skills.

I am the School of Law convener and in line with the promises I made during the elections, I will be at the forefront in representing the interests of the students.

Please, anyone who has concerns, or any contributions should feel free to reach me via email. 

You can contact Khalifa via email at

, School of Medical Sciences Convener

Aarushi ChakrabortyHey, I’m Aarushi, and I’m in my second year doing genetics. And I will also be proudly serving as your medical science convener for the upcoming year. I’ve been looking forward to this opportunity for a while now just because I’m so excited to work with the people to build something new and worthwhile. Medical sciences remain one of the most challenging degrees to undertake In the university, yet we remain so unheard?. We lack the necessary resources to publicise ourselves. I strive for a front to put us out there and make us feel heard. Finally, I’d like to conclude by saying that I’m honoured and thrilled to be a part of the senate and to be serving you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on I’m always open to any concerns or feedback you may 

Yours sincerely,
Aarushi, School of Medical Science Convenor 

You can contact Aarushi via email at

Mark Kurz, School of Natural & Computing Sciences Convener

Photo of Senate member, Mark KurzI am an undergraduate student in physical sciences. As school convener, I would like to help all of us to communicate our wishes regarding teaching to our lecturers, to further enhance the learning experience.

Lecturers endeavour hard to deliver what they perceive – or have experienced themselves – as most beneficial; since learning follows different patterns in various learners’ minds, we can guide them towards the optimal notes / textbook / topic presentation / combination of theoretical derivations and applications to example problems / assignment composition, etc.

My role is to listen to your experience, positive and negative feedback, and wishes and ensure that academics receive this information in a concise but comprehensive way and recognize the direct correlation between incorporating these suggestions and better succeeding as teachers and researchers. Thus, please, always share your concerns with me! How else can we achieve the learning experience to improve? Thank you. 

You can contact Mark via email at

 André Justin Carpio, School of Medicine Convener

André Justin Carpio, Student member of SenateHi! I’m AJ, a 2nd year medical student and the School of Medicine Convener!

My job is to ensure that medical students get a say in decisions made by the medical school and by the university. I’ll be speaking directly to the Senate and working with our class reps to effectively channel student perspectives to the head of school and also to the year and block leads.

If you have any issues you would like addressed, or any positive aspects you would like to highlight, please feel free to email me at

You’ll also most likely see me in the computer room in the Suttie Centre and if you do, feel free to say hi! 

You can contact André via email at

Emily Mckay,  School of Psychology Convener

Emily McKay, student member of SenateHello! My name is Emily and I am a third year MA Psychology student with a passion for research and I’m proud to say that I'm the School of Psychology convener this year. I'm so excited to be part of a team that will encourage positive change and truly make a difference. 

If you have any questions or anything you’d like to discuss then please don't hesitate to contact me.

You can contact Emily via email at

Shane Painter, Shane Painter, School of Social Science Convener

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