Bring Out Your Artistic Soul This Lockdown

Bring Out Your Artistic Soul This Lockdown

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Hi everyone! I hope you are well wherever you are. Are you still busy with assignments? Or perhaps you are looking for something new to do? If you have some spare time to kill, have you ever considered trying your hand at something artistic, be it in the form of a novel, a painting, a song, et cetera? After all, each one of us is an artist. We only need to bring out our artistic soul! Here are some ideas on how to start creating a creative piece...

Writing a Science-Fiction

Is science-fiction a genre you are interested in? Of course, watching science-fiction movies is thrilling. But don’t you also want to create your own universe? Did you know, NASA has a webpage that is dedicated for aspiring writers to write convincing science-fiction?

On this webpage, NASA also provides featured links to help you get more information needed for your story, such as the shuttle type craft and the spacecrafts in science-fiction. Cool!

 Fantasy image showing a giant spaceship hovering over a cit. The backdrop is a golden and blue sunset.

Express Yourself Through Drawings

Sometimes we cannot express our emotion or state of mind through words, but keeping everything to yourself might not be good for you. Drawing is an alternative way to do it. Don’t worry if you cannot make beautiful drawings like the ones made by the artists you admire. In the end, art is subjective, and each artwork is unique. A tip I can share with you is that you don’t have to “draw” something. You can also play with colours by experimenting with ink, various types of brush or even a sponge!

 The image shows a glass jar with paintbrushes in it, the jar is spattered with multi-coloured paint and the brushes are all different thicknesses.

Discover Your Inner Musician

Imagine, while your friends’ playlists consist of new, popular songs, your playlist consists of your own songs. That’s on the whole other level!  How awesome is that? These days, anyone can create music even without strong musical background. Thanks to technology that makes this possible. One popular digital audio workstation (DAW) is called Ableton. Ableton is a music production software that is user-friendly. It provides a wide range of sounds and effects and is currently offering 90 days of free trial.

 The image shows a screenshot of editing software where someone is mixing sound clips together

On the other hand, if you prefer to write musical notation when creating a song, MuseScore is an option to take. It is free and you can see other writers’ pieces and play them if you find some that interest you.

 This image is a screenshot from the software music score where someone is composing a track

Dance It Out

Dancing to your favourite song is fun. But have you ever tried creating a choreography for your favourite song? If you haven’t created one, this could be the time for it! So next time when your song is playing, you can show off to your friends that you have different, cooler moves that are in sync with the beats. You can find many dance tutorial videos on YouTube, from beginner to advanced level for virtually almost every dance genre. Some recommended Instagram pages you might want to check out are TMilly TV (@tmillytv), Kiel Tutin (@kieltutin), and Jade Chynoweth (@jadebug98).

 A woman dances on a beach wearing a blue dress. She is jumping into the air with her arms and legs outstretched in a ballet arabesque

Preparing for the Oscars

Are you into films? Films can put a smile on people’s faces and move their hearts as well. If you have a story in mind that you want to share with others, why don’t you try to create a film? You can collaborate with your flatmates or family members that are living in the same house with you! The film does not have to be  long, and you can challenge yourself to be as creative as possible with limited resources, space and equipment. You can find tips and tricks on how to make simple low budget films on the Internet, including this mobile filmmaking tutorial, and these tips on creating a cinematic effect called “the dolly zoom” which can be implemented practically everywhere:

There are many software and applications you can use for editing your film. Two of the most popular video editing tools are Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie (if you are using iOS or macOS), which are user-friendly and great for making a decent film quality.

 Image shows a dramatic spiral staircase made out of dark wood.

Other than being a platform to channel your artistic vision and emotion, your artwork can be useful for your future career as well. It may also lead to new opportunities. So, give it a shot!

Published by Students, University of Aberdeen


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    Reema Shoaib

    This was inspiring and informative at the same time- would love to check out DAW and what effect is the 'dolly zoom' in film techniques.
    NASA's bit was quite an eye opener, will see what I can do about that!

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