'Shining Lights' scholarships will help students seeking sanctuary

'Shining Lights' scholarships will help students seeking sanctuary

Students seeking sanctuary in the UK will have the opportunity to achieve their full potential with the University of Aberdeen 'Shining Lights' scholarships.

The scholarships will help two students starting in September 2022, one studying for a postgraduate degree and another for an undergraduate course. Course fees of up to £25,000 will be covered and occupancy in University-owned accommodation will also be provided. Living expenses of £4000, for an undergraduate, and £7,500, for a one-year Masters’ student will be available.

Scholarships are open to any offer holder who has refugee or asylum seeker status.

The University of Aberdeen along with other higher education institutions in the UK has a history of providing sanctuary to those fleeing conflict and persecution from all over the world. Working with City of Sanctuary, The Council for At Risk-Academics (CARA) and other partner initiatives, the University is committed to becoming a University of Sanctuary to develop a culture of welcome.

Professor Abbe Brown, Dean for Student Support, said: “I am delighted we are able to offer these scholarships which will allow one undergraduate and one postgraduate student to continue their education and reach their full potential in Aberdeen.

“The University of Aberdeen has been open to all and dedicated to the pursuit of truth in the service of others since 1495 and it is a natural fit that we are working to become a University of Sanctuary building on the support measures already in place for our community.

“Our strategy, Aberdeen 2040, champions our continued welcome and support for students, staff and partners from all backgrounds, organisations and communities. We are dedicated to working with our partners to inspire and support a culture of welcome in higher education and our surrounding communities.

“We are committed to connecting with others and extending our networks and partnerships locally, nationally and around the world.”

University Secretary and Chief Operating Officer Tracey Slaven, added: “I am extremely proud of our diverse and multinational community of students, staff and alumni and the benefits this brings to education and research.

“The Aberdeen Family has been deeply saddened by events in Ukraine, Ethiopia and other parts of the world. We warmly welcome those fleeing violence and aggression to the University of Aberdeen.”

The support of the University of Aberdeen Development Trust has been paramount for the provision of the scholarships. Funding of almost £100,000 has been provided for the scholarships with the help of generous gifts from alumni, students, supporters and through community fundraising efforts.

For further information on the scholarships please see here for undergraduate and here for postgraduate.

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