See below for frequently asked questions about graduations. If you cannot find the answer below or in this website, please contact

How to register to graduate?

For full details on how to graduate, key dates and where to submit applications to please refer to the Prepare for Graduation page.

How will I know if I am eligible to graduate?

Your graduation tickets will be sent to you as confirmation of your eligibility to graduate. They are normally despatched a week to 10 days in advance of your ceremony.

If you do not appear to be eligible to graduate with the degree that you have applied for, please contact a member of staff in Registry as soon as possible to advise if you still wish to attend the ceremony with a lower degree e.g. designated instead of honours.  We cannot assume that you will want to do so and the Team will be unaware if you are taking resits.

How much does it cost to graduate?

No ceremonial fee is charged.

You will need to hire a robe, which carries a charge made by the gown hire company.

I am a joint honours student, which degree ceremony should I apply for?

Please refer to the Find my Ceremony page.

When is my Graduation?

For full details on when your graduation will take place please refer to the Find my Ceremony page.


For full details on tickets, including:

  • Not receiving tickets
  • Guest ticket allocation
  • Applying for extra tickets

please refer to the tickets page

How do I get my guest tickets?

If you have provided a UK address on your application form, they will be sent to that address.

We cannot send tickets to an address out with the UK but they can be collected from the Infohub – at the very latest, 4 hours prior to the start of the ceremony. For morning ceremonies tickets can be collected up to 4pm the previous working day. Thereafter tickets should be collected by your guests at the main door of the Graduation venue from 45 minutes before the ceremony.

What happens if I submit a late application to graduate?

If you apply after the initial in person ceremony deadline there is no guarantee that your application will be accepted. All places and guest tickets are subject to capacity and you may be offered a waiting list or alternative ceremony. No applications will be accepted, for whatever reason, after the absolute closing date. Don't wait until you receive your results, assume you will pass and apply now.

If you wish to graduate in absentia, certificates of graduation will be despatched to the address on the application form (please check key dates section for more information). If you do not apply by the stated deadline, you will have to wait until the next available opportunity.

What if I owe the University Money?

If you owe the University money for any reason (fees, library fines for unreturned books, etc.) you will not be permitted to graduate, so please ensure that you have cleared any debts.  Any money you owe will normally be displayed on the Application to Graduate form.  However, as the Graduation Team receives notice of debt daily from various sections of the University it may not be displayed on your form. If you receive a letter or email saying that you owe money or have unreturned library books please do not ignore it even if you think the information is wrong.  Contact us immediately to resolve the issue.

In Absentia

Students who continue to owe money to the University after an in-absentia graduation deadline will not have their application processed. You will not be permitted to graduate in-absentia on this occasion and your application will be kept on hold until the debt is paid. The onus is on you to advise the Graduation Team that the debt has been paid.

In Person

Students who continue to owe money to the University after the following dates will not have their application processed until the debt is paid. You will be notified in writing that your application is not being processed. The onus is on you to advise the Graduation Team that the debt has been paid and to request a move back into a ceremony, if appropriate. It may not be possible to do so if the ceremony is at capacity by the time your payment is made.

Summer Friday 24 April 2020
Winter Friday 23 October 2020


Even though we accept your application to graduate, this cannot be taken as a guarantee that once your debt is cleared your results will be confirmed in time to allow your inclusion in the ceremony. It is therefore in your own interest to adhere to this deadline.

What if I want to change my application

If you need to make any changes to your application to graduate after you have submitted it, please email as soon as possible to notify them of the required changes.

I’ve applied to graduate in person and now cannot/do not wish to attend. What are my options?

  • You can change to graduate in-absentia and have your certificate sent to you. This is only possible if you notify at least two weeks prior to the start of the ceremonies.
  • You can defer your application to the next in person graduation ceremony. Note that you can only defer your application once. Thereafter your application will go forward in-absentia.
  • You can cancel your application and reapply for a future ceremony.


If you are expected to attend a ceremony and you do not turn up or are turned away (because you have no robes or are too late) your degree will NOT be conferred (bestowed upon you) and your application will not be carried forward.

Your degree certificate will not be issued as you will not have graduated. The degree certificate will have been destroyed as the date of graduation will be incorrect. In these cases you must reapply to graduate either at the next available in-absentia opportunity, or the next available in person ceremony for your degree.

I’ve applied to graduate in-absentia and now wish to attend a ceremony.

If you want to change to graduate in person at a ceremony you may be charged a late and/or penalty fee if appropriate. You will not be permitted to switch to an in person ceremony if you apply after the absolute cut-off date or if the ceremonies are full.

Please note that it is easier to apply to graduate in person and change to in-absentia.

Data Protection

If you complete an application to graduate, or application to be awarded a Certificate or Diploma, you should note that your name may be published in the awards list for the appropriate ceremony, and that the University may release copies of such lists to the published media, although we normally restrict this to those who graduate at a ceremony.

In addition, if you qualify for the award of a degree you should note that, unless you apply to the Registrar of the General Council for exemption on ground of conscience, you will automatically become a member of the General Council of the University, and your name will be included in the published Register of members of the Council.

During graduations there will be photographers and videographers on campus to capture celebrations. These photographs and videos may be used in future publicity materials for the University. If you would prefer not to be photographed or filmed please let the photographer or videographer know on the day.

Following graduation, your contact details and degree/diploma/certificate information are transferred to our alumni and development database where our alumni archive is maintained. The Alumni Relations and Development teams keep in contact with former students regarding further education and Continuing Professional Development opportunities, career mentoring and development, reunions, alumni and university events, University updates and fundraising initiatives.

Your contact details are only used for University-related activity and are not passed to any third party organisations for other purposes. You can at any time opt out of receiving any or all of these communications by contacting our Alumni Relations Office at


In the Graduation venue, graduating students should note that there are 6 steps on the left leading up to the stage and the same again coming back down centre stage. There are handrails on both sides of the centre steps but only a right-side handrail on the steps to the left of the stage. A platform lift is available for anyone who is unable to manage the stairs, please let us know if you require this facility.

The pre-graduation checks on the day of graduation will take place in the Arts Lecture Theatre. If you think you may need assistance please contact at least 3 weeks before the ceremonies.

If you, or any of your guests have mobility or other difficulties and you would like assistance please print off the Assistance Request Form and return it with your Application to Graduate form to state if any special arrangements (e.g. for wheelchair users) are needed. This form should also be completed if you or any of your guests have visual difficulties. A Sign Language interpreter attends every ceremony but does not sign the student names. A hearing loop facility is in the Graduation venue, and also in the video-linked venue. We'll be delighted to help if we can, so please let us know.

If you, or your guests have mobility difficulties you can also request a car pass to allow you closer access to the Graduation venue. No cars will be permitted without a pass.

Please ensure that any Assistance Required forms are submitted at least 3 weeks before the ceremonies commence so that we can meet your request.

Do you have accommodation available?

During Summer Graduation, the University offers a range of accommodation options that are available for you, your family and friends.

If you would like to stay on or near campus with us during the Summer Graduations, please visit the Summer Accommodation page for more details.

Unfortunatley we do not have accommodation available during Winter Graduation.

I want to share my Graduation Success story

Congratulations on your impending graduation! The local and national media traditionally seeks out interesting stories regarding our new graduates. The University’s Communications Office would be delighted to hear from any student willing to have contact with the media during Graduations. Some examples of stories covered during previous ceremonies include:

  • Students who have excelled or have completed newsworthy research
  • International students
  • Mature students
  • "Against the odds…” – eg degree gained in adversity
  • Graduates about to embark on a new venture – eg high profile career start, round-the-world trip
  • Family connections – eg generations of Aberdeen graduates, relations of University staff
  • Graduates who have enjoyed a particular extra curricular activity during their student career eg sport, student politics, etc
  • ‘Local’ connections – eg groups of friends sharing the same ‘home town’

Your participation would be appreciated. These stories not only add to the celebratory atmosphere of the occasion but highlight your achievement and the University’s contribution to your success*. They may inspire others to follow in your footsteps and will also profile your particular academic discipline. Please fill out the graduation publicity form and send to

You can contact the Communications Office on 01224 272014.

*The Communications team cannot guarantee that every story will be followed up but they thank you for your participation.