Supplier Set Up

Supplier Set Up

Supplier Information Amendments | Supplier Credit Account Applications

Supplier Information and amendments are processed by Demie Hall, using the Supplier Information Form. This form is to be used for companies, partnerships and sole traders. For full guidance on payments to individuals please refer to Guidance on Payments to Individuals: which can be found here and then click on Other Payments.

If you are unsure please call 2824 or email us at

Supplier Set Ups

New Supplier Set Ups using the Supplier Information Form should be processed as follows:

  • Check to see that the new Supplier you are requesting to be added is not already on the Finance system
  • Try to search on part of the name and scroll through (Suppliers are numerical)
  • Make sure you have all relevant documentation and attach
  • Please make sure that no orders are made until the Supplier is actually set up, if there are no issues and the form is completed properly then this will be within three days (top)
  • Should the supplier be Self Employed, please ensure that they also complete the Workers Status Questionnaire, This can be found in the Supplier Information Form (Sheet 3 called Worker Status Questionnaire)
  • The Workers Status Questionnaire should, once completed by the Individual and finished by the requestor, be submitted to  Payroll for checking and verification received from Payroll before submitting the final Supplier Request.  The email address for payroll is   Please ensure the subject heading is Worker Status Questionnaire.
  • If required the Bid Summary Form can be found this form here 

Once the Supplier Information Form has been completed, please visit and follow the guide entitled Setting up a supplier for how to put them on the finance system. Help can also be attained from your Business Services Co-ordinator.

Supplier Credit Account Applications

Supplier Credit Account Applications are often received when we are dealing with a Supplier for the first time. These are completed by the Supplier Administrator. The forms can be scanned in and emailed to the Supplier Coordinator on