Staff Housing

Staff Housing

The University can offer accommodation to:

  • Staff members and their families
  • Postgraduate, Masters and PhD students
  • Students with families
  • Visitors to the University
  • Other professionals

Located in Old Aberdeen, there is a public bus route to Foresterhill and to the city centre for ease.

Types of Housing

We can offer the following different types and sizes of accommodation:

  • Flats or Houses (of differing sizes)
  • Furnished or unfurnished properties
  • Rent only basis
  • Long-term leases
  • Short-term leases (limited availability)
  • Shared properties (usually for 3-4 persons, with shared kitchen/bathroom/living facilities)
  • Rent fully inclusive of bills (limited availability and for single/couple applicants only)

How to contact The Housing Office

The Housing Office can be contacted on for further details of what can be offered, and to discuss your own requirements. 

At the point of enquiry, please provide:

  • Your status with the University
  • Date/Expected Date of need for housing, and if you have any flexibility with the stated date
  • If you have a notice period with a current landlord and if so, how long is the notice period?
  • You are moving overseas, from elsewhere in the UK or from Aberdeen
  • Type of property required (including type, size and furnishings)
  • Furnished, Unfurnished or either type can be considered. 
  • Number of occupants (including age and gender of children)
  • Any other requirements (parking, garden, pets, etc)

Please Note:

  • Shared accommodation is for single occupancy only and is not suitable for couples
  • A deposit and entry rent is payable prior to entry to the property. Rent is payable in advance at the beginning of each month

For further information please contact The Housing Office on: