This page provides information about car parking at the University's Old Aberdeen and Foresterhill sites.

Parking is available for staff and visitors at these sites.

Spaces are limited and, where possible, alternative transport should be used.

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Parking for staff

University staff can register to park in staff car parks at Old Aberdeen and Foresterhill. Payment for parking is available as either monthly payments from salary or daily payments via an app or online. There are no parking charges at other University sites.

Staff who are disabled and have a blue badge should refer to the Parking for Disabled People section below. Staff who need special arrangements for disability-related reasons, but who do not have a blue badge, can get additional support via their HR Partner.


If you want to park at the University you must register your vehicle(s) on the staff parking database. You can also use the database to edit your details at any time.

Click the login button at the top of this page to access the car parking database.

Hardcopy applications can be made by completing a Staff Car Parking Registration Form.

To pay for parking monthly from your salary, select the Annual option and follow the instructions for annual permits below. To pay for parking daily select the Daily option and follow the instructions for daily permits below.

Annual Permits (monthly payments via salary)

Payments of £18.33 are made monthly from your salary.

Once you have registered your vehicle(s) you should complete a Payroll Mandate and e-mail it to

This will arrange for monthly payments to be taken from your salary. Payments can be cancelled at any time by completing a Payroll Cancellation.

Once your registration and mandate have been processed you will receive a confirmation e-mail telling you when your payments will start and when you can begin parking.

You don’t have to display a permit.

Daily Vouchers (daily payments via app/web)

Daily parking costs £1 per day and can be purchased either via an app or online.

Once you have registered your vehicle(s) you can pay for parking as you need it via the Horizon Spaces app or online at:

You don’t have to display a permit.

Editing Details

You can use the car parking database to edit your personal or vehicle details at any time. If you want to change between annual/daily please e-mail us at:

Click the login button at the top of this page to access the car parking database.

Cancellations and Refunds

Monthly payments for annual permits can be cancelled by completing a Payroll Cancellation and e-mailing it to: Cancellations must be received before the 15th of the month to stop a deduction being taken at the end of that month. Registrations will be switched from annual to daily on cancellation.

Refunds of payments made during paid leave (sick, maternity, paternity etc) can be claimed if they are for more than one calendar month and will be made for whole months. To claim a refund please contact

Parking for visitors

Staff expecting visitors should e-mail with the following information:

Staff name, visitor name, visitor vehicle registration, date of visit (max 5 days).

The visitor doesn’t have to display a permit.

Please register visitors as early as possible to prevent visitors being incorrectly issued Parking Charge Notices.

In special circumstances (for example, for conferences) it is possible to book spaces for visitors. Please contact the Sacrists for more information or to book spaces. They are,

Parking for disabled people

Disabled parking bays are available in various places across all our campuses. To use a disabled bay you must be the owner of, and clearly display, a valid blue disabled badge. You don’t have to pay for parking but must follow all other parking regulations.

Parking enforcement

Parking Charge Notices (PCN) of £60 may be issued to vehicles parked in contravention of the Parking Regulations. Repeated or serious offences may result in the removal of parking privileges and/or University disciplinary procedures. For more information on car parking enforcement please refer to the Car Parking Policy.

Appeals against Parking Charge Notices should be made directly to the contracted enforcement company using the details on the PCN. If your appeal to them is rejected, you can appeal to the POPLA independent appeals service.

Advice on parking enforcement in Scotland, including how to appeal, is available from Citizens Advice.

Parking policy

Signs showing the Parking Regulations are displayed around the campus. By parking on campus, you agree to comply with the posted regulations and the University's Car Parking Policy.


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