Car SharingCar sharing is an excellent way to share costs, cut stress, reduce pollution and prevent traffic congestion. Just think how much money you could save if you and some colleagues took it in turns to drive each other to work. You could share fuel costs and cut down on the wear and tear inflicted on your car by the daily commute. Even car-sharing once a week can dramatically reduce congestion and pollution.

The benefits:

  • saves you money - travelling with others enables you to reduce your transport costs by up to £1000 a year.
  • reduces the number of cars on the roads resulting in less congestion, less pollution and fewer parking problems.
  • limits depreciation on your car.

The car-share scheme is open to all staff and students. Joining is simple and completely FREE! All that you have to do is register your details on University of Aberdeen Car Share and you will be sent your password via email, and then you can start car sharing!