Researcher Development Concordat

Researcher Development Concordat

The University of Aberdeen has recently become a signatory to the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

Research staff play a vital role at the University. Signing the Researcher Development Concordat is a demonstration of the University's commitment to supporting research staff careers as part of an inclusive and vibrant research culture. It also commits the University to working in partnership across the sector to explore broader questions, such as security of employment and understanding of career paths and destinations for research staff.

The University was awarded the HR Excellence in Research Award in 2010, and has retained it following each review since then. The revision of the Researcher Development Concordat provides an exciting opportunity for the University to focus work and push boundaries in the way we support research careers.

The Researcher Development Concordat

The Researcher Development Concordat aims to improve the environment and culture in which research is conducted, and provide support for research staff careers both within and outside academia. It is divided into three key Principles:

  • Environment and Culture
  • Employment
  • Professional and Career Development

Within each of these Principles are Obligations for: funders, institutions, researchers and managers of researchers. These provide a framework to take forward the aims of the Concordat within the University and across the Higher Education sector.

"The University of Aberdeen is proud to become a signatory to the Researcher Development Concordat. We're committed to ensuring that our research culture is creative, innovative, collaborative and supportive. This aligns with our recently launched 2040 institutional strategy, which places inclusiveness at its heart and recognises the essential role our research staff play at the University." Professor Marion Campbell, Vice Principal (Research)

What next?

The University will now develop a plan to implement the Principles of the Researcher Development Concordat. This will be led by the newly-formed Concordat Steering Group, working closely with the Postdoctoral Research Committee. This plan will set out how we will embed the Concordat Principles into our research culture, and align them with other University initiatives. As part of this work there will be a consultation with stakeholders across the University, including research staff, Principal Investigators, Schools and Professional Services which support researchers.

Read the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

To find out more, or to offer your thoughts on the Concordat, please contact Claire Hawes, Researcher Development Adviser,