Commercialisation and spin out support

Commercialisation and spin out support

Spinning out a company

The Impact and Knowledge Exchange Team will help to assess the exploitation routes for University IP, either by licensing, collaborative developments with industry or spin-out company formation. Support and guidance is available at each stage of the company formation process.

If you are interested in forming a spin out company based on an invention, your first step is to contact one of the team to discuss your idea. If you are not sure who to contact, email us and we'll make sure the right person gets back to you.

For further useful information refer to the University’s Spinouts and IP policy page.

The University of Aberdeen has a successful track record in producing spin out companies in diverse sectors reflecting the scope of the University's disciplines and expertise. Since 2001 the University has formed a number of new companies.

Featured spin out companies

Antoxis Ltd

Antoxis Ltd exploits a proprietary redox platform targeting mitochondrial-related diseases and stem cell applications.

Arria NLG

Arria NLG plc.  Data2text Ltd was spun out to become a global leader in the development and deployment of mission critical, core industrial, enterprise level natural language generation (NLG) software technologies.  Data2Text formed a collaboration with Arria Ltd, to further develop NLG applications. In October 2013, Arria acquired the remaining shares in DATA2TEXT, and Arria NLG floated on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in December 2013 with a valuation of £100m.


AUPEC Ltd is a global authority in energy sector economics, valuation and benchmarking.



Blueflow Ltd

Blueflow Ltd focuses on developing technologies for analysing data, whether numeric or textual, at scale and in an automated manner, producing solutions for big data problems.

BMT CorDaH Ltd

BMT CorDaH Ltd is a multidisciplinary environmental consultancy providing an extensive range of specialist services to the UK and international offshore oil and gas sector.

Brinker Technology Ltd

Brinker Technology Ltd

Cell ProTx Ltd

Cell ProTx Ltd is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company developing new treatments to protect human cells and tissue from damage.

Cyclogenix Ltd

Cyclogenix Ltd aims to develop the technology that will deliver the next wave of protein-derived therapeutic compounds based on naturally-occurring cyclic peptides known as cyclotides.

Elasmogen Ltd

Elasmogen Ltd is a biologics drug discovery company that develops soloMERs™ for site-specific treatment of auto-inflammatory conditions and oncology.

EnergyFlo Insulation Technologies Ltd

EnergyFlo Insulation Technologies Ltd's product Dynamic Insulation enables builders and designers to meet today's ever-increasing demands for energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

Enocell Ltd

Enocell Ltd designs and manufactures direct methanol fuel cell modules to be integrated into a range of power products used to provide cost-effective and energy-efficient off-grid power.

Epona Technologies

Epona Technologies uses its proprietary DRAM® technology to strip contaminants from waste water to pre-defined compliance values.

GT Biologics Ltd

GT Biologics Ltd is the leading microbiome company addressing unmet clinical needs in autoimmune disease and aims to deliver a new class of medicine based on the potent immune-regulating properties of novel bacterial isolates.

Haptogen Ltd

Haptogen Limited was acquired by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in 2007.

Highland Innovation Centre Ltd

Highland Innovation Centre Ltd is a medical/scientific device company that specialises in the design, development and commercialisation of consumer, clinical and research products.

Islexa Ltd

Islexa Ltd was created to develop new technology to treat diabetes.

iVDynamics Ltd

iVDynamics specialises in the prediction, control and tuning of nonlinear dynamic vibrations and in the design of mechanical and structural systems with optimised dynamic response outcomes.


NCIMB Ltd is a microbiology and chemical analysis company that houses the biggest reference collection of industrially and environmentally valuable microorganisms in the UK.


NSRI is a partnership between academia and industry and is a research centre for the subsea industry.

Novabiotics Ltd

Novabiotics Ltd is a leading clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the design and development of first-in-call anti-infective therapies for difficult-to-treat, poorly-served infections.

OsteoRx Ltd

OsteoRx Ltd was spun out to develop novel therapies for rheumatoid arthritis.

Provexis plc

Provexis plc is a life science business that develops, licenses and markets scientifically proven functional foods.

Remedios Ltd

Remedios Ltd is at the forefront of the environmental technology industry offering a range of environmental services.

Saccade Diagnostics

Saccade Diagnostics Ltd is developing tools to help clinicians with diagnostic evaluation and management of psychiatric disorders in patients with mental health complaints.

SB Drug Discovery

SB Drug Discovery offers expertise in protein expression, cell line development and screening and assays, with a focus on the field of inflammation.

Sight Science Ltd

Sight Science Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Novavision Inc. (part of the Vycor Medical Inc. group of companies) and offers therapy to patients who have suffered visual field loss, commonly due to stroke.

Signal Pharma Ltd

Signal Pharma Ltd spun out from the University in June 2013 to develop new treatments in the field of heart disease.

Sirakoss Ltd

Sirakoss Ltd is a medical devices company that has developed synthetic bone graft substitutes that will revolutionise the treatment of bone defects and fusions.

TauRx Pharmaceuticals Ltd

TauRx Pharmaceuticals Ltd is the parent company of TauRx Therapeutics Ltd, Wista Laboratories Ltd and Genting TauRx Diagnostic Centre Sdn. Bhd.  The TauRx group of companies is focused on the development of novel treatments and diagnostics for Alzheimer's Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases

Technabling Ltd

Technabling Ltd was founded to develop, produce and bring to market advanced assistive software technologies in order to enable people to enjoy independent lives whilst still providing care.



Vertebrate Antibodies Ltd

Vertebrate Antibodies Ltd produces high quality antibodies to a wide variety of species and supplies the scientific and research communities.