Remuneration Committee

Remuneration Committee

(See Court Minute 22 of 26.9.95)

Court Committee


(i) To advise the Court on matters relating to the pay and conditions of senior staff;

(ii) To seek comparative information on salaries and other emoluments and conditions of service in the university sector;

(iii) To determine and review the salaries, terms and conditions (and where appropriate, severance payments) of the Senior Governor, Principal, Vice-Principals, the University Secretary, Professorial and Grade 9 officers and such other staff as the University Court may from time to time determine;

(iv) to ensure that the performance of the Principal as head of the institution is assessed on an annual basis.

(v) To oversee severance arrangements for senior staff and ensure that account is taken of the SFC Guidance on Severance Arrangements in respect of Senior Staff.  Where consideration of severance arrangements is delegated, to ensure that the boundaries of delegated authority is clear, and to receive formal reports of any severance arrangements.

Composition & Membership


  • An independent member of Court (The Chair not to be the Senior Governor)
  • Four independent members of the University Court (including the Senior Governor)
  • A Senate Assessor member of Court
  • A staff member of court (who is not a Senate Assessor and who may be another elected staff member of Court or a trade union nominated member of Court)
  • A Students' Association nominated member of Court

In attendance:    

  • Principal*
  • University Secretary*


  • Iain Mackay – Chair
  • Colette Backwell
  • Otto Thoresen
  • Julie Ashworth
  • Owen Cox
  • Diane Skatun
  • Student Association President

In attendance:

  • The Principal*
  • The Secretary to the University*
  • The Committee shall be serviced by the Director of People*

* who shall withdraw when the Committee considers their individual salary, terms and conditions, or severance pay.

Clerk: Debbie Dyker

Minutes of Meetings