Policy and Resources Committee

Policy and Resources Committee

(Formerly known as Operating Board)

Responsible for:

Strategic Objectives

  • monitoring the implementation of strategies agreed by Court, including reviewing all Business Plans associated with strategic projects
  • monitoring the University’s Health and Safety performance

Resource Planning

  • making recommendations to Court on the University’s Annual Budgets and Financial Forecasts
  • making recommendations to the Court regarding the University’s Capital Plan and its implementation
  • to approve proposed expenditure outwith the agreed revenue and capital budget with a value between £1 million to £5 million
  • monitoring the University’s financial performance and approving additional expenditure on approved projects within a tolerance threshold of up to the lesser of 10% or £1m
  • monitoring performance of the implementation of the University’s capital projects and receiving reports from the Estates Committee
  • overseeing cash management, borrowing policies and compliance with banking covenants and ensuring compliance with the Financial Memorandum
  • overseeing the management and performance of the University’s investments
  • monitoring the performance of the University’s spin-out/joint venture companies
  • overseeing the creation, dissolution or sale of University subsidiary companies

Policy Making

  • approving University staffing and development policies and staff terms and conditions of employment
  • approving the strategy for the setting of University tuition fees


  • monitoring the University’s performance across finance, HR, student recruitment and admissions, and all other matters necessary for strategy delivery
  • overseeing institutional equality and diversity issues
Composition & Membership


  • Chair (Independent Member not being Senior Governor)
  • Four Independent Members of Court  
  • Principal (who may delegate to SVP)
  • Three* other Court members providing expertise from across the Court including at least one elected staff or Trade Union appointed Court Member and a Students'  Association nominated member of Court

*In line with Court’s overarching principles for sub-committee membership, at least one of these three members to be a Senate Assessor.


Membership 2021-22


Anne Minto

Four independent members of Court:

Julie Ashworth


Gary McRae


Lyndsay Menzies


Charlotte Pope-Williams


Professor George Boyne 

Three other Court members:

Camilo Torres-Barragán (AUSA)


Nick Edwards


Professor Neil Vargesson


Jan Whitfield

Agendas & Minutes